Opening The Door To History

The front door of Wheeler House — the Westport Historical Society’s downtown home — has not been used for 20 years.

Now the Avery Place door is open. Visitors stroll through the parlor of the 1795 home, en route to the exhibits in the back.

The “new” entrance debuted today. A large crowd enjoyed the opening of “The Curious Case of Ed Vebell.” The must-see show chronicles the incredible life of Westport’s beloved 96-year-old illustrator.

He sketched World War II, including the Nuremberg Trials. He drew Wheaties box covers, Muhammad Ali and Grace Kelly. He fenced in the Olympics.

Ed’s done much more too. See it all.

And when you’re there, check out the welcoming — and wide open — front door.

2 responses to “Opening The Door To History

  1. Nancy Axthelm

    Everyone should be ‘curious’ about Ed Vebell and this wonderful exhibit. The two curators, Nicole Carpenter and Nick Foster, are separated by 70 years from Ed but connected on the most elemental level of awe, respect and interest. They found him to be interesting enough to propose, curate and promote the current show at WHS that encompasses his many diverse talents (and theirs!).
    Come in the front door and enjoy! And say hello to the new Executive Director, Ramin Ganeshram. Lots of history still to be made!

  2. Love this place. Everyone–and especially unpaid historian Sven–are so great and helpful in researching sometimes obscure aspects of Westport history. Sounds like a great show. Nuremberg! Wow.