Photo Challenge #161

Three “06880” readers thought it looked like the old YMCA pool.

They were close. But last week’s photo challenge showed tile that was uncovered when 36 Elm Street was torn down. (Click here for the photo.)

That’s the downtown building a few feet away from the Y. Most recently, it housed Villa del Sol restaurant.

The demolition was part of a land swap between the town and David Waldman — the Bedford Square developer who took the photo challenge image.

David said his photo showed the floor of “the original Brasserie St. Germaine — I think.” Was that the first restaurant? I don’t know. I do remember Werner’s, which occupied that spot for many years.

Chip Stephens was the only “06880” reader to identify “the remains of Villa del Sol.” Perhaps he recalls Werner’s too — or Brasserie St. Germaine.

Now, chew on this week’s photo challenge:

(Photo/Ed Simek)

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16 responses to “Photo Challenge #161

  1. The cow at YMCA

  2. The cow in the snow is at the Westport YMCA just outside the window in the spinning room.

  3. Love this post…. Great COW!! THANKS

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  4. Moo! Yes – it is the cow on the roof of the YMCA, visible from the spinning room and near the stairs leading to the fitness center, pool and locker rooms.

  5. Outside On the roof next to the spin room at the new YMCA

  6. On the flattop/roof of the Y

  7. The old Nyala Farm off Greens Farm Rd. and now some huge Hedgefund operation — I haven’t lived there for 20 years. But do remember going to Nyala Farm with my Brownie troop. Also remember Werners…

  8. Bobbie Herman

    Sunny Daes.

  9. In front of Sunny Daes?

  10. At the YMCA–you can see it from an old inside window.

  11. Art Schoeller

    I agree on the roof of the YMCA. Sometimes in spin class looking around it spooks me. And there are other characters there as well!

  12. Martin Gitlin

    Outside the spinning room on the roof of the YMCA gym

  13. One of Lucy McKinney’s fiberglass animals now at the new Y, I thought stored behind the old house there.

    Rick Benson (from India) 203-856-9792

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  14. The Westport/Weston YMCA! He’s wonderful!

  15. On the YMCA roof!

  16. Eva Lopez Reyman

    YMCA Westport