Look Who’s Taking The Haberstrohs’ Hot Pepper Challenge!

When word got out that Patty Haberstroh’s family was promoting a hot pepper challenge to raise funds for ALS research, some big names responded:

Shaquille O’Neal. Charles Barkley. Domonique Foxworth. Dan Le Batard. The Miami Heat.

Now the popular Department of Human Services’ program specialist’s fellow town employees have done the same.

Yesterday 1st Selectman Jim Marpe, Staples principal James D’Amico, assistant principals Jim Farnen and Rich Franzis, and former principal John Dodig gathered at Town Hall.  After a bit of banter, they all ate eye-tearing, sinus-clearing, unfathomably hot habaneros.

It was not easy. But they did it for Patty.

And when they were done, they challenged others to do the same.

D’Amico dared the Staples science department (whose chair grows his own peppers). Farnen challenged the Staples athletic department (which includes me, as Staples boys soccer coach — yikes!). Dodig named the guidance department.

Marpe topped them all. He dared the entire Board of Education — and superintendent of schools Colleen Palmer — to eat a habanero or jalapeño.

Videos will be posted soon.

But don’t laugh too hard. We may challenge you next.

(Click here for the Haberstrohs’ hot pepper challenge donation page. Video by Justin Nadal, Staples High School media lab instructor.)

BONUS VIDEO: Check out this new video. It features plenty of celebrities — and tons of Westporters too. And after you click on — please keep the ALS Pepper Challenge going!

9 responses to “Look Who’s Taking The Haberstrohs’ Hot Pepper Challenge!

  1. Great Video ! The enthusiastic support is inspiring!
    I hope the milk antidote actually works….

  2. Steve Haberstroh

    As I have said on here before, Westport gives and keeps giving! I am so proud to be a part of this community. And because of the support of Westport folks, our family just raised our fundraising goal to $1 million! We are still waiting on Oprah, Ellen and Michael Phelps who were challenged this week to participate by other celebrities!

    Last night, a highlight reel went live on youtube. Take a look at all the Westport folks. It’s so touching!

  3. This is beyond awesome! There are so many people in my life who could use a little heat! Please let me know whwre to donate (and exactly what kind of peppers you are using,) so I can keep my lioved ones honest.
    Sara Dworken Braunstein

  4. beautiful

  5. Ron Holtz - President Westport Sunrise Rotary

    Westport Sunrise Rotary will devote the entire Program on Friday, February 9, 2018 from 7:30am to 9am at The Westport Inn to the Haberstroh’s Hot Pepper Challenge. Charlie Haberstroh , a Past President of Westport Sunrise Rotary, will be speaking along with executives of the ALS Foundation. We have challenged the 59 other Rotary Clubs in Connecticut to join with us as we seek to raise needed funds for ALS Research.

  6. This video made me cry 🙂 Glad to see how many people are taking this seriously and hope they raise loads of money to find a cure for this horrible disease! My Dad Gerry would have loved this!