Sam Rocks CES

Every January, CES — originally called the Consumer Electronics Show — draws 4,000 exhibitors to Las Vegas. Over 180,000 of the biggest names in technology and electronics — the industry’s movers and shakers — roll out new products, pitch ideas, schmooze and party.

Virtually none of them are high school sophomores.

Then again, few 10th graders are Sam Gold.

Posting as Sam Henri, he’s a content creator and social influencer. Sam’s more than 11,000 YouTube subscribers love his unique take on all things techs.

He’s high enough on the food chain that Google sent a web router. Other companies regularly offer new products to review.

Sam Gold, at Google’s pop-up shop in SoHo.

Still, that hardly guaranteed him a spot in the very adult/professional world of CES.

But — with the help of his Staples video production teacher Justin Nadal — Sam snagged coveted press credentials.

At school, Sam has already earned a great reputation with his “Good Morning Staples” tech reports. He writes, edits and creates videos as easily as you or I flick a light switch. Here’s his preview of CES:

Last week, Sam headed west.

What goes on in Vegas usually stays there.

Except for CES. Here’s Sam’s first video, posted yesterday:

Today, Sam is back in Westport. He’s studying for midterms.

But it’s clear he’s going places.

And far beyond Nevada.

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  2. Thank you Mr. Nadal, and Staples, for giving our kids these amazing opportunities! Sam (& I as his chaperone) had a fantastic time at CES. For those who tune into ‘Good Morning Staples’, there will be a few videos covering CES in the next few weeks.