Pic Of The Day #266

Traffic jam on Lyons Plains Road, this morning. (Photo/Bonnie Dubson)

13 responses to “Pic Of The Day #266

  1. J.W. Kaempfer

    What kind of 🦅 birds??? Joey

  2. Dermot Meuchner

    They never bring stuffing. Terrible manners.

  3. Nancy Hunter

    If only Oprah gave them a car.

  4. Wild turkeys; commentators re: disappearing natural species!!

  5. Obviously Waze is now detouring them out of the woods and across the road.

  6. Love that turkey trot. If they are indeed turkeys. Can someone clarify? Maybe they’re even Turkey vultures.

  7. Top image is of course, is stunning. The 2nd image of the coastline from across the the Saugatuck river is special.
    The 2nd image of the birds crossing Lyon Plains is unusual as these birds are difficult to identify. Are they turkeys? Turkey vultures? Or…?

  8. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Love these pictures..(For years,my family lived off Lyons Plains Rd. just over the Westport-Weston town line..One time, en route to Weston Rd.-just where Coleytown Rd. meets Lyons Plains-we came around that curve in the road
    there & traffic stopped, both ways,while a mama duck & her ducklings waddling-crossing Lyons Plains…(we talked of that, for years, afterwards..
    our own ‘Make way for Ducklings’ story..:-)

  9. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Thanks for the Dameon’s memories,Robbie! 🙂

  10. Isabelle Breen, LCSW

    I have up to 2 dozen turkeys in my yard most evenings. Pretty sure they are turkey hens.

  11. Hanne Jeppesen

    I’m sure it is not the first time there are turkeys on Lyons Plain Road, perhaps of the human variety, being a little tongue in cheek here. I lived in Westport as an au pair in 1967-68, and remember Lyons Plains Road many times, since I had friends in Weston, Though will have to say of the friends I remember, and some I’m still in touch with, I would not describe any of them as turkeys.