The Washington Post Calls Tomorrow’s Storm A “Bomb Cyclone.” Today, Everyone Raced To The Store.

Actually, the entire headline was: “‘Bomb Cyclone’ to Blast East Coast Before Polar Vortex Uncorks Tremendous Cold Late This Week.”

And you thought President Trump holding a big Nuclear Button was bad!

This was the scene a little after noon at Trader Joe’s:

Actually, the photo does not do justice to the scene. The line stretched all the way back to Chipotle.

Similar scenes were repeated at Stop & Shop, Fresh Market, and any place else that sells milk, eggs and toilet paper.

So get ready, guys! 3 to 6 inches of blowing, drifting snow is on the way!

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EXTRA SPECIAL “06880” BONUS: Click here for that full Washington Post story.

18 responses to “The Washington Post Calls Tomorrow’s Storm A “Bomb Cyclone.” Today, Everyone Raced To The Store.

  1. OMG! How much overreaction can we endure? In Vermont they are laughing at us

  2. Adam Vengrow

    Never quite understood this insanity, people could be trapped for 24 maybe even 36 hours in their homes!

  3. Jack Whittle

    I hope it’s the scary name for the storm, rather than the predicted 3-6 inches (a minor snow event by Westport standards) that is causing this insanity. WHO are these people who buy up bread and milk every time the weatherman predicts snow? OF course, now the schools will start to announce closures for tomorrow, before a single flake has flown (although I am proud to say that Westport has, in previous administrations, resisted such nonsense).

  4. Bobbie Herman

    I think everyone in Fairfield County was in Stop & Shop this afternoon, (including me.)

  5. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    Jack you are spot on As to the bread , eggs , and milk
    A whole lotta French toast is on the horizon come the weekend
    Stay warm all !

  6. Michael Calise

    Back to the 70’s Today I saw gas lines!

  7. Bobbie Herman

    I could not open the WashPo article.

  8. Stop & Shop was insanely mobbed also my take is we’ve been staying in since Christmas (Or whatever) because of the ridiculous cold weather and now we’re out of food!

  9. Bob Stalling

    Bread and Milk:

  10. Sharon Paulsen

    I don’t think of it as “panic”, but more of a smart thing to do.

    What I saw, more than bread/milk/eggs, was cannned goods and other nonperishables in people’s carts (Trumbull stop and shop, this afternoon).

    It’s not so much about how many inches of snow we may get … it’s the close to hurricane force winds, astronomical high tides and flooding, the unusual nature of the low pressure power of this system, and then the extreme temperature drop.

    Lots can go wrong … why suffer, I say!

    Be safe everyone!!☃️☃️☃️

    • Nancy Hunter

      … flashlights with extra batteries, too.

    • Nancy Hunter

      … plus a few good books and a full wine cellar, a good cheese and baguette, of course!

    • I am 100% confident that nearly every home in Westport has at least a one day supply of food on hand, and much more. You are falling for hype and crowd behavior.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        I agree with you, Jack, in that most of the people living in my beloved hometown of Westport are likely fully stocked.

        I’m an ex-pat now, but was born and raised there … so yeah, I’m a “townie”.

        I’ve experienced the numerous and lengthy power outages occurring in Westport, over somewhat slight weather events, along with the “larger” ones.

        I am not a reactionary type myself, but feel there’s a difference between casual assumption vs. precautionary action.

        Remember too, that not everyone in the Northeastern corridor has the means to withstand even a couple of days without electricity or heat. Most folks rely solely on the power grid … not even having a fireplace in their homes or apartments, or the means to have generators as a backup.

        I always look at the larger picture.

        Our “infrastructure” can barely handle an ice storm or tropical depression, much less events like hurricane Sandy (which, IMO, was just a shot across the bow, in terms of future events to come).

        So, I stand by my approach to a “bit” of pre-planning for crappy circumstances.

        Do you suppose being fully prepared only applies to those living in the war-zone-of-hurricane places like Puerto Rico?

        Would those folks be perceived as reactionary, if they planned ahead (just in case), or stupid, if they didn’t?

        Or, what if they didn’t even have the means to make that choice at all?

        Today’s nor’easter “bomb” thingy may brush past us in lower Fairfield County, CT.

        Our bubble may yet go relatively unscathed, again.

        And, The Weather Channel will take in the advertising dollars.

        Or, it could suck … big time.