Pic Of The Day #261

Downtown Westport. And yes, those clouds are real. (Photo/John Videler)

12 responses to “Pic Of The Day #261

  1. Beautiful photo John!

  2. Holy Cow, that was today?

    Love it!!!

    Feels more autumnal than wintery, in a way.

    Videler’s the best!

  3. John, this is incredible!

  4. very fine pic !
    miss those trees in front of what i will always remember as the Y…

  5. Patricia McMahon


  6. WOW! What time of the day was it? Incredible and unbelievable!

  7. Sandra Cenatiempo

    John strikes again! Another beauty!

  8. Mary Cookman Schmerker SHS '58

    Another beauty…Yes! Isn’t is called a Mackerel Sky. I think my dad used to say it meant heavy snow was on the way. I’m with Buell. That’s the “Y” and where are the trees that used to be there. ( I know)

  9. Wow!!! Surreal. Beautiful.

  10. Such a stunning picture. Is it my imagination or are the first two cars going the wrong way on the one way street? It’s going up main street right? Side entrance to Anthropology? Beautiful.

  11. That looks like a surreal postcard, wow so beautiful!

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