Photo Challenge #157

Last week’s photo challenged many “06880” readers. Diane Silfen was one. “I guess I spend way too much time in Saugatuck,” she wrote. “I need to get out more.”

If she does, she should head east on the Post Road. There — on the side of the building that once housed Swanky Frank’s, Woody’s and Dairy Queen, and is now the very popular Little Barn restaurant — hangs a wooden American flag.

Only Tom Ryan, Fred Cantor and Jonathan McClure knew where they’d seen it. Click here for Ed Simek’s photo, and the very few (hey, it was Christmas Eve!) comments.

Bobbie Herman took this week’s photo challenge. If you know where in Westport you can see it, click “Comments” below.

Hint: Bobbie says “it’s really decrepit.”

18 responses to “Photo Challenge #157

  1. Next to J&J Car Care on the Post Road East. I think I was told this was the old Polish Club. But now I can’t be sure if it’s this building or the one behind it on George Street.

  2. Dan, love the posts! Did I miss one about the new place going up in the former Arrow ne others location by email he metro north parking lot? Brown 45th next year. Have a groovy new year! Les

  3. Looks like the Post Rd near Vautrin Auto

  4. Next to J&J’s Auto Repair, PRE

  5. I believe this is on the Post Road next to J&J (John & Jay) Car Care Center, more-or-less across the street from the Westport Inn.

  6. Michael Calise

    And so it is

  7. Morley, Seth, Pete, Rick and Michael: You’re all correct. It’s the hidden-in-plain-sight building near J&J Car Care (and not far from Vautrin Auto) — both of which are great repair shops — sort of across from the Westport Inn. I had no idea it was once the Polish Club — or that Westport even had a Polish club. Niesamowi!

  8. This little building’s street address might likely have originally been listed as George Street and not the Post Road. That end of George was abandoned some years ago to stop cut-thru traffic.

  9. The building on the left (the one with the covered exterior stairs) is the rear section of Redi-Cut Carpets at 1620 Post Road East. The smaller building on the right is across from the entrance to J & J Car Center at 1590 Post Rd East.

  10. Ralph J Widmann

    The old service building for the New Haven Railroad.

  11. I passed this building many times before I even noticed it. It’s set way back, and in the summer is totally covered with leaves from the trees in front. I didn’t think anyone would guess it, but you’re much smarter than I thought. It looks like it’s ready to fall down. There’s a sign on the front stating, “Posted. No trespassing.” Does anyone know what it’s presently used for?

  12. Nancy Powers Conklin

    When I was in 6th grade at Greens Farms Elementary school, Nelson Rodriguez came into my class, as a new student in the middle of my 6th grade year. I believe that he lived in this building with his family who came from Puerto Rico. It was around 1963. Nelson did not speak a word of English and that fascinated me. I lost track of him as I moved on to Long Lots Junior High. Many years later I was amazed to see Nelson working at the Pepper Mill in Westport as the head chef!! I was thrilled to see how he had succeeded after coming to America not speaking a word of English. I always wondered what happened to Nelson after the Pepper Mill closed. Anyone know???

  13. Now I know why this looks so familiar, as J&J is our family’s car support service (highly recommended!). It also reminds me that as I travel around town, too often I’m not really paying attention.

  14. The give away is Charlie’s hummingbird feeder.

    • So true! Charlie’s feeder gets all the hummingbirds in Westport. There’s even a kooky little woodpecker that hits it. J&J truly is a treasure.

  15. Bobbie Herman

    You all have said where the building is, but no one has said what it is, or what is it used for. And I can’t find it listed on the Tax Assessor’s records — Does anyone know?