Pic Of The Day #254

Most Pics of the Day don’t need a back story.

This one does.

Last week, Krystof Bodnar‘s doctor did a final biopsy. The news was great: His cancer is gone!

Chemotherapy and radiation did plenty of damage to the popular Westport window washer’s body. He is awaiting surgery for 2 stents in his heart. His legs give him problems, and his kidney function is not good.

“It takes time to get back to normal,” Krystof says. “But I’m going in the right direction. I no longer have to worry about cancer. I hope next spring I can start washing windows again, and be financially independent.” (Until that happens, you can still donate to his GoFundMe page.)

Krystof thanks Elaine and Kristen at Westport’s Department of Human Services, for all their help this year (including a Stop & Shop gift card). And he wishes all “06880” readers a happy, healthy new year.

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  1. Congratulations and wishing continued progress & good health!