From Poland To Westport: A Window Washer’s Life

You may not know the name Krystof Bondar.

But if you live in Westport and had your windows washed, you probably know “Polish Chris.”

Now you should hear his story.

In his native Poland, Chris trained as an electromagnetic technician. In 1987 he came to the US, seeking greater opportunities.

He tried Sikorsky, Avco and other manufacturers. They were not hiring.

He went to work in construction, doing roofing and siding. He polished brass in a small shop, and washed dishes in restaurants.

In May of 1995, his wife died.

A few months later, Chris moved to Westport and started his own window washing business. He worked hard, and earned a great reputation.

Krystof Bondar — aka “Polish Chris.”

In 2007 — just as the economy tanked — he had open heart surgery.

He worked less. His health insurance rose, to $900 a month. Unable to pay, he lost it.

Westport’s Human Services Department helped get Husky Care, which he is grateful for.

But this past January, Chris was diagnosed with bladder cancer. During chemo, he developed blood clots in his legs. They traveled to his lungs.

Today he is in chronic pain, and can barely walk.

For 22 years, Chris washed windows for a living. Now he stops 5 times on his way down the driveway to pick up his mail.

His medical bills are astronomical. (On top of everything else, last week he was hospitalized with kidney stones.)

Ten years ago, Chris says, “I cheated the devil. I won my life battle.”

Now he’s trying again.

(A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Krystof Bondar. Click here to donate.)

3 responses to “From Poland To Westport: A Window Washer’s Life

  1. Oh dear man. Such a difficult time.

  2. Bill Boyd (Staples 1966)

    A painful reminder as to why America is not the greatest country in the world….my best wishes to Kris and the Go Fund Me campaign.

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