Remembering Mike Santella

Mike Santella — son of Lou and Marge Santella, longtime Saugatuck residents — died last week. He was 54.

Mike Santella

Longtime friend Tristan Marciano recalls Mike’s “broad smile, fun-loving demeanor, great strong spirit, and vibrant lust for enjoying life.”

Staples High School 1982 classmate John Rosene — who bonded with Mike over the Polar Bear Club — remembers that “even his bad jokes were funny. And there were plenty of those.”

Whenever they got together after high school, they picked up where they’d left off. John calls Mike “a caring, jovial character who made our world a better place.”

A celebration of Mike’s life is set for Sunday, January 7 (4 p.m., St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Ridgefield).


2 responses to “Remembering Mike Santella

  1. We lovingly remember the number of Christmas Eve’s we spent together with the Santella Family. Michael was center most with these gatherings, especially when he donned his Santa Clause costume to thrill the visiting kids. We were a very special family our three daughters and Lou and Marge’s three sons.
    We were part of a neighborhood were kids grew up making lifetime bonds.
    This spanned the 54 years that Michael was with us.
    We will always remember.
    Bob,Ronnie, Lori, Maureen and Jennifer Estony

  2. Rest in Peace Mike!! I send my deepest sympathy to the family. What a great guy!