Pic Of The Day #249

Old Mill Beach tepee (Photo/Elizabeth Marks)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #249

  1. Deja vu.

  2. On Thanksgiving Weekend I took a walk down at Compo and Old Mill. There was a group of adults and children that had set up a small, child-sized, picnic table on Old Mill Beach They’d also erected a teepee. The adults were dressed in “Early Settler” attire (I didn’t see anyone dressed as a Native American but perhaps I didn’t notice or they were in the teepee).

    It was easy to guess that they were re-enacting an early Thanksgiving. I thought it was an adorable lesson to provide for their children – and it was also a lesson in ruggedness because it was a breezy, chilly day.

    Because I was so certain that a photo would show up in this blog (taken by an earlier passer-by), I didn’t bother to take one myself. No one did – until perhaps now.

    I suspect these bones are the remnants of their Thanksgiving teepee.

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