[UPDATE] Banking On Fitness

[UPDATE] Apparently — based on comments from readers below — this is not an actual Equinox gym. Rather, it’s a sales location, for people interested in signing up for the new Southport site. Thanks for setting us straight!

For years, Westporters have joked about the presence of banks on 3 of the 4 corners at the Post Road/Compo Road intersection. (The only reason it’s not 4 is Winslow Park.)

But Patriot Bank recently moved across the street, near Gold’s.

Moving into its old space — which before the bank was Sam Goody, and long before that, Franklin Simon — is Equinox.

This will be the 4th Connecticut location for the high-end, Manhattan-based gym. The others are in Southport, Darien and Greenwich.

So now that it’s just a few fast steps from SoulCycle, we can make jokes about how many fitness centers there are in Compo Acres Shopping Center.

The new Equinox, in the old Patriot Bank. (Photo and hat tip: Alex Sherman)

9 responses to “[UPDATE] Banking On Fitness

  1. Diana McDowell

    It’s just a pop up for people to sign up for their Southport location.

  2. Megan Rutstein

    Hey Dan-That is just a pop up location so people can join the gym. You cannot actually work out but rather just find out the membership options. Equinox will be on the Westport
    /Fairfield border near 95. They expect to open in May as it is under construction now. Also Equinox owns Soul Cycle so it was a natural location for them to open a pop up. 😀

  3. I think it is a sales office for the new SOUTHPORT location opening in the spring.

  4. Good to know – thanks!

  5. Lol Does not do much to fight stereotypes of a town concerned only with money and vanity.

  6. For anyone considering Equinox:

    when I was there 3 weeks ago, they were offering a great deal (for Equinox): I think it was about $130/mo. for Southport alone, and about $160 for “all access” (ie, all gyms in CT, almost all in NYC. This would exclude a couple of locations in NYC, one in SF, one in London and LA’s Century City (Sorry my memory’s so hazy on rates(!)).

    I’ve been by Southport sales a couple of times, and the pace of construction is NOT impressive; don’t count on it being open in May.

    I got 3 months for $100 at a Friends of Sherwood Island Silent Auction, and it came in VERY handy when I was out in Calif.

  7. When there’s snow….snowshoe at Longshore- it’s free and gorgeous there!