Photo Challenge #154

In 1954, Aldous Huxley wrote “The Doors of Perception.” A dozen years later, Jim Morrison’s band took their name from that book.

Doors offer intriguing ways of seeing things. So does Lynn U. Miller’s camera — which provided last week’s photo challenge. (Click here to see it.)

The view through a door window — of a potted plant — was taken at Town Hall. Andrew Colabella, Susan Schmidt, Susan Lloyd and Stephanie Ehrman were able to recognize that where-have-I-seen-it-before? shot.

Wrong guesses included Earthplace and Greens Farms Elementary School.

Now we open the door to this week’s challenge.

(Photo/Mary Maynard)

If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.


42 responses to “Photo Challenge #154

  1. On the wall of the parking area at Sunny days not the correct spelling still sunny days

  2. Seth Schachter

    I think this is the old gas station sign that remains years later…. It is Sunny Days Ice Cream.

  3. Riverside Avenue by the ice cream store.

  4. The old sign from what used to be slings Texaco on Riverside Ave

  5. Sign is on Riverside across from Arezzo restaurant

  6. Michael Calise

    Riverside Texaco

  7. Sign to the right as you drive in to Sunny Daes parking area on Riverside Avenue – one of the first interesting landmarks that l noticed upon moving here in 2011 – have always had an eye for old signage

  8. Sunny Daes parking lot on Riverside Ave

  9. The old Texaco sign at Sunny Daes on Riverside Avenue

  10. Bill Kiedaisch

    The old Texaco sign at Sunny Days ice cream shop

  11. Ralph Balducci

    The site of the former Kings service station and present Sunny Daes ice cream shop.

  12. Near sunny daes by Westport glass

  13. By the ice cream place on Riverside.

  14. Judith Ann Johnston

    Oh my goodness – this was at Richard King’s service station on Riverside – it is still up on the right side of the parking lot!!!

  15. Seth Braunstein

    This sign is where Sunny Daes is on Riverside, opposite Arrezo

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  16. Riverside gas station

  17. On Riverside Ave, near Wspt. Glass.

  18. Riverside Avenue near Sunny Daes.

  19. Mary Anne Liesner

    It stands at Sunny Days ice cream store on Riverside Ave formerly Kings Gas Station.

  20. Philip Delgado

    Agree, Riverside Ave near Sunny Daes ice cream shop.

  21. Andrew Colabella

    Riverside ave old King’s body shop now an ice cream place

  22. This one is too easy. The remnants of the Texaco on Riverside Avenue now occupies by Sunny Daes Icecream store. A fun thing to do is try o list all the gas stations that were in Westport in the 70’s up and down the Post Road, Main Street and Riverside Avenue.

  23. Too easy. Partial Texaco sign on riverside also part Old kings auto repair shop

  24. Yes – way too easy. The old King’s gas station on Riverside, at the Sunny Daes parking lot (near Westport Glass and Arezzo restaurant. I don’t think a photo challenge has ever had 100% correct before!

  25. That sign is next to the Sunny Does ice-cream shop on Riverside avenue

  26. Dan – are you running out of material? Looks at 2 1/2 years ago- challenge #8.

  27. Michael Calise

    So now the question is……..
    What gets more public attention a location on Riverside Avenue or an Ice Cream Shop

  28. The old Texaco sign beside the ice-cream store (Sunny Days) on Saugatauck Av.

  29. Stephanie Ross

    The sign is next to the ice cream/gelato shop, Sunny Daze on Riverside Ave.

  30. Rachel Halperin

    Sunny Daes yogurt/ice cream

  31. Audrey Hertzel

    The old Texaco sign on Compo Road South by Longshore! Sorry, Dan, I couldn’t resist!) 😉

  32. Garrison Manne

    It’s next to ice cream parlor Sunny days on Riverside.

  33. Next to Sunny Daes on Riverside.

  34. Richard King’s Texaco on Riverside. (Nod to my wife, Julie)

  35. Riverside Avenue near Sunny Daes.

  36. I miss the old Cessna airplane in pieces that was stored there for years.

  37. Sunny Daes parking lot on Riverside Ave

  38. Audrey Doniger

    Well Mary..I for one did not know where it was…I’ve lived here for almost 60 years and it was a puzzlement for me.Keep on snapping pictures MMM..they are works of art…

  39. so easy!

  40. This is the original sign installed when the property was used as a auto repair shop and Texaco gas station. Sunny Daes is currently on the property and the original sign was never removed and destroyed as required by Texaco corporate requirements