Pic Of The Day #233

Church Lane at Christmas (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

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  1. Well, not sure how any of this mix makes sense, but that’s Westport…
    Love it, or leave it, as anyone would say about a home town.
    Can’t help but love the place,

  2. Church lane next to the honey store bedford square

  3. when we lived on Church Lane, i used to walk on those sidewalks to Bedford Elementary….when we lived on Keyser Rd, i would ride my bike into town and sneak into both those churches at night to play the organ…and i played cello solos for many services at C&HT accompanied at the organ by the great Ethel Hoyt Brandon. the Reverend F.L.C. Lorentzen would give me a tenner out of his pocket after the service ! good bread for 1949 !

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker Staples '58

      Wow! Love those memories of yours Buell. You really snuck in and played the organs? My grandmother would love that. Rev. Lorentzen was a town treasure. I remember one of his sermons from when I was a child about what we should pray for. We weren’t members but I occasionally went there with a friends family. My mother was good friends with Mrs. Lorentzen. She taught school at Mrs. Boulton’s that eventually became Greens Farms Academy. Remember the Clinton Avenue picture that caused a few comments yesterday? Well I used t ride my bike from Calumet Road, towards the top of Clinton Avenue to Bedford Elementary. That intersection with main and North Compo was always a little cockeyed. I just decided not to add to the sign controversy.

  4. Bonnie Bradley

    (Not Buell, not Mary) But, re the photo:Church Lane “decorations” – pathetic.