Friday Flashback #67

Most Friday Flashbacks show how much Westport has changed.

This one shows how little it has, too.

The photo of the Saugatuck train station waiting room was taken around 1979.

It could have been yesterday.

(Photo courtesy of Ken Bernhard)

12 responses to “Friday Flashback #67

  1. Superb photo; and I didn’t remember the book stand being there in the 1970s.

  2. it could have been taken in 1949, except for that whateveryoucallit with
    the books and stuff in it wasn’t there then. neither were the garbage cans.
    not sure about the lady….

  3. re: Saugutuck train Station waiting room.
    I don’t remember the book shelf.

  4. Nice image, Ken.

  5. Are there ticket agents there at any time of the day anymore? Or is it machines only to buy tickets?

  6. Nice! Brings back lots of memories….

  7. It’s one of the most welcoming stations on the line. I hope someday they’ll put
    ticket machines in the station.

  8. Dan, having grown up in Westport during the 1950s, I can tell you that the photo could easily have been taken in 1955 as well!

  9. It looks like a vintage scene, but it’s much more current, likely this century, when the Westport Library’s free-book carousel was first installed. It’s still being stocked by Library volunteers with free paperback books.

    Dick Lowenstein, Co-chair, Library Book Sale

  10. find a picture from,say, 1965 before the Town renovated the station. Karl Dexter has a terrific photo of the exterior of the station 1965 which he made into a post card. Town art collection has a copy of the photograph..

  11. 😍

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