No Way!

Part of the granite tombstone — er, sign — at the entrance to Trader Joe’s has met an ignoble end.

The part that said “One Way” is gone.

I’m amazed someone slammed into it. It was pretty hard to miss.

(Photos/Seth Schachter)

On the other hand, perhaps this was deliberate. It was not the most welcoming sign around.

Besides, making that contorted turn from in front of Jersey Mike’s — to exit via the worst traffic light in the galaxy — is enough to drive someone to pick up a sledgehammer.

Of course, this might have been a wayward truck driver, trying a turn he’s not supposed to make.

I’m just sayin’….

14 responses to “No Way!

  1. Sharon Paulsen


    (Ahem … well, what was once declared “one way”, is apparently now just … “way”.) 😉

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      This was my reaction as well. It’s so ridiculous that it borders on hilarious!

  2. Good riddance; that entry was evocative of a Soviet era crematorium – without the charm, of course.

  3. “the record shows
    I took the blows
    And did it “My Way”

  4. This is no surprise. What is surprising is that no one has yet been killed in the Trader Joe’s parking lot, although people have been injured. I have been trying for quite some time to get E

  5. It looks ok, but would look even better if someone finished the job. Just sayin…

  6. The destruction of the entrance and exit to Trader Joe’s is no surprise. What is surprising is that no one has yet been killed. People have been injured and car accidents are routine. I have been trying for quite some time to get Equity One Partners to change the design of the parking lot so that it is one way in and one way out from two lanes at different parts of the parking lot. They should not run parallel to each other by the store entrance as people enter and exit the store. The 4-way traffic on both sides of the gravestone must be eliminated. There should be angular parking, not perpendicular parking in which we watch cars backing into each other, barely missing a mother with children, the elderly or, actually, anyone at all as drivers try to beat each other for a parking space. Equity One (the landlord) refuses to acknowledge the problem, although Trader Joe’s is well aware of the danger the parking lot design poses. I have written to both Equity One and Trader Joe’s. Anyone concerned should keep up the pressure: Joe Scala, Property Manager for Equity One at: Try Doug Yokomizo who represents Trader Joe’s You can always call the corporate offices in addition. Equity One doesn’t care. They would rather wait and see a tragedy occur instead of spending money to design the parking lot correctly (something they could have hired a conscientious professional to do when the lot was repaved). But Trader Joe’s shoppers, see the possibility every day. I sent many photos to Joe and Doug. As of now, they show no effort to save lives or prevent injury.

  7. Follow up: John Thirkell
    Leasing Agent
    Joseph Scala
    Property Manager
    410 Park Avenue, Suite 1220
    New York, NY 10022
    Mr. Doug Yokomizo
    Vice President, Real Estate Department
    Trader Joe’s
    800 South Shamrock Ave.
    Monrovia, CA 91016

    • Catherine Walsh

      Equity One was purchased by Regency. The new owners have been in to see Mary Young at P&Z to introduce themselves. They want to make a fresh start in Westport, and this looks like a good place. You can reach Mary at I”m sure she ‘ll be happy to give them your contact. For the record…I agree with you, I think the parking lot needs more work. My pet peeve is the new bump out onto S. Compo that prevents turning into the lot.

  8. This hideous parking lot & entrance is the reason I park in the back- near the stairway to the upper neighborhood – clear of all of the entrance & exit mayhem. The traffic light is a game of chicken with the drivers from the plaza across the street. Thanks David Meth for your diligence.

  9. Michael Calise

    Les hope it is not replaced

  10. Recreate the painter’s pallet that was pulled down a few years ago. Sign kharma struck that piece of granite-hard!

  11. Thank you, Cathy. I have written to Mary.