Arrivederci, Rustico. Benvenuto, Bar Lupa!

Since ancient times, la lupa — a she-wolf — has been a symbol of Rome.

Which makes Bar Lupa a perfect name for Massimo Tabacco’s latest restaurant — 4,200 miles from Rome, right here in Westport.

Bar Lupa — which had a soft opening last week — replaces Rustico Trattoria. The address is 1431 Post Road East, opposite the Regents Park condos. The logo features the lupa suckling Romulus and Remus — just like in the legend.

The new Bar Lupa.

Massimo is a native of Rome. After coming to the US, he opened several restaurants: Gilda in Manhattan, Sogno in Fairfield and Casa Roma in Bridgeport.

He’s always loved Westport — “the town, the style, the vibe.” So when the chance came to do something different with Rustico — freshen the look, update the menu — he took it.

The updated interior.

Massimo — and Miguel Angelo D’Onofrio, his chef/business partner from Columbus Park Trattoria in Stamford — offer an Italian tapas menu, with all locally grown vegetables, fresh meat and fish, and specialty drinks. There’s live entertainment too.

Bar Lupa is open weekdays from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., and Saturday from 5 to 2 a.m.

Suddenly, there’s new life in a once quiet part of town.

Fantastic food, too!

Lasagna tapas at Bar Lupa.

8 responses to “Arrivederci, Rustico. Benvenuto, Bar Lupa!

  1. Michael Calise

    Sounds Good!
    This should be re-posted next week after everybody’s had too much Turkey.
    Is there a bar?

  2. Make sure to ask for Jose who continues to run the bar and dining room as he did at Rustico. He is a great host and if you are a soccer fan, he is your guy. I wish them tremendous success in their new launch.

  3. Robert Mitchell

    Is there also a new restaurant at 190 Main Street?

  4. Colleen Dougherty

    Bring back the Rustico Tilapia! You kept all the other Rustico favorites! Bring that one back!

  5. Chris Dougherty

    Go get ’em Jose! If it’s half as good as Rustico, you have something special. The food is great, but Jose and CJ make the place!

  6. Great food in new venue and CJ is still their secret weapon.

  7. My wife and I had grown very fond of Rustico, which we thought had one of the best chefs in town. However, we’ll definitely give this new format a try. I’m an ancient mythology buff and am intrigued by the name and logo. Our only complaint about Rustico was the limited whisky selection so maybe that will make a shift in the right direction! We”re glad to hear about the live entertainment and that Jose is still around.