Photo Challenge #151

The sign has been there for a long time.

“Westport Inc. 1835,” it says.

It’s not a legit, state- or town-issued sign. Hanging among trees, it’s easy to miss.

But Matt Murray, Mary Ann Batsell, David Sampson, Robert Mitchell, Seth Braunstein, Wendy Cusick and Amee Borys all knew that last week’s photo challenge hides in plain sight on Weston Road. It’s at the Westport/Weston border, on your right side as you cross into town from the north. (Click here for the photo.)

Congratulations, observant drivers. But we still want to know: How old is the sign? Who put it there? And how has it lasted so long?

Don’t know? No problem. Just turn your attention to this week’s photo challenge:

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.


20 responses to “Photo Challenge #151

  1. Seth Schachter

    Is this the underpass (looking up) that takes you under the Saugatuck Train Station ?????

  2. It’s the railroad underpass near the train station. I passed underneath these tracks twice a day for years as I dropped off and picked up my father at the station in his black GTO.

  3. Elizabeth Menke

    This looks like the view from the I95 bridge going over town by near the train station, looking down by the area where they keep those traps (behind The Black Duck).

  4. Counter at rye ridge deli?

  5. Railroad trussell on South Compo?

  6. underside of South Compo Railroad overpass

  7. The underneath of the Saugatuck railroad bridge.

  8. Saugatuck RR Bridge

  9. Underneath the rail road bridge in Saugatuck

  10. A bridge in need of corrosion service.

  11. Is this the railroad bridge over the Saugatuck?

  12. Driving under and looking up at the Saugatuck River Railroad Bridge from Ferry Ln which turns into Railroad Pl

  13. Just a note. I wish they would give it a nice blue coat of rust resistant paint. 🚂💙

  14. Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

    Ferry lane rail road bridge

  15. Seth S., Bob, Elizabeth, Jay, Peter, Seth G., Scott, Wendy, Dominique — you’re correct. It’s the railroad bridge in Saugatuck. All the others are excellent guesses too. And yeah, it is badly in need of anti-corrosion work!

  16. Michael Brennecke

    Under the Saugatuck RR bridge

  17. Andrew Colabella

    Underneath saugatuck train bridge

  18. Suzanne Tager Obsitnik

    Railroad bridge. Remember when it was freshly bright blue?!

  19. Seth Braunstein

    Between Westport train station and the river -close to where Donut Crazy is.

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  20. The composition of the photo is beautiful, but I never would have guessed it!