Photo Challenge #150

Compo Road South is home to 2 beautiful town-owned properties.

Everyone knows Baron’s South. A few “06880” readers thought last week’s photo showed rocks and woods on that land a few steps from downtown, once owned by perfume mogul Walter Langer von Langendorff.

Nope. As Leigh Gage, Alec Head and Jamie Walsh knew, it was Haskins Preserve — the much-lesser-known gem on Green Acre Lane, off South Compo. It’s just as lovely as Baron’s South, and easier to access. Click here for the back story; click here for Wendy Cusick’s photo.

Equally rustic is this sign, commemorating Westport’s founding as a town. In fact, it looks like it dates all the way back to 1835. If you know where in Westport you’d see it, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #150

  1. Weston/Westport border on Weston Rd at West Branch Rd.

  2. Mary Ann Batsell

    on Weston Road coming into Westport from Weston

  3. Weston Road

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    I was thinking maybe at The Country Store?(near old Three Bears)

  5. Robert Mitchell

    Weston Road at West Branch Road

  6. Seth Braunstein

    Think this is on the border with Weston on Route 57 kind of near Lyons Plains Road.

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  7. Yes – a fairly easy photo challenge. The sign is located on Weston Road, at the Westport/Weston border. If anyone knows the back story to this, fill us in!

  8. Corner of West Branch Rd and Weston Rd

  9. Haskins Preserve is owned by the Aspetuck Land Trust, it’s in town but not owned by the town. ALT owns and maintains a wonderful list of properties across the area.

  10. Painted by brilliant Ogilvy copywriter/ mad genius Roger Butler in the early 80’s. He thought it was important for there to be sign there…to replace the countless white metal state signs stolen from there.

  11. I was JUST wondering where that sign came from. Nice to know; thanks!

  12. I know I’ve passed that sign many times. Is it on West Branch Rd. where Westport borders Weston?

  13. I’ve just chatted with Roger Butler’s daughter Julie. She can neither confirm nor deny Roger’s involvement with this sign. Should evidence point to Mr. Butler’s complicity, he would identify it as more “fake news.”

    Roger Butler was an incredibly talented Creative Director and Vice President with Ogilvy and Mather on various accounts including Mercedes-Benz.He spent the bulk of his career Ogilvy. Roger was the person who suggested using the “Pink Panther” as the spokesperson for the Owens Corning fiberglass insulation campaign. He was also one helluva nice guy as was his wife Holly. I feel honored to know them and their daughter Julie (“Jules”).

  14. Everything, everyone was Inc in the eighties. Then what happened?