High Winds Bring Down Wires — And Start A Fire

Today’s high winds brought down trees and power lines in different parts of Westport.

Weston Road at Lyons Plains was closed for a couple of hours, while crews removed a tree that covered the street.

Meanwhile, a power line crashed onto North Maple, between Hyde Lane and Long Lots Road — and caused a fire.

Henry Blaikie took this video — from a safe distance.

5 responses to “High Winds Bring Down Wires — And Start A Fire

  1. Kathleen Boggs

    Wow, that footage hit close to home – glad it was safely extinguished. Sadly, this is exactly what is suspected to have started the devastating wildfires out here in Sonoma and Napa Counties. We have such dry conditions that our landscape can’t handle that combination……sparks + high winds.

  2. Patricia Driscoll

    Yes, high winds were certainly a factor in the Ca. fire wildfires. We got out with our cat. House destroyed.

  3. Yes, high winds caused much wildfire destruction in such dry conditions this summer and recent summers past in B.C., many human caused by campfires or by nature’s lightening storms.
    So sorry for the very many who lost their homes. Difficult to imagine such a loss. So many stories.