Daphne’s Gift

Dogs are quick to make friends. A sniff here, a wag of a tail there, then a tiny poodle and huge Rottweiler head happily into the woods.

Dog owners are a friendly breed too. The folks who are led by their pets to the paths and benches of Winslow Park form their own tight community. As Fido and Fifi romp, their parents bond.

So it was nice to see this big box — and accompanying note — the other day there:

The flyer said that Daphne — a golden — had died a few days earlier, from injuries in an accident. She was a month shy of 3 years old.

Her owner Carrie wrote:

Daphne was such a joy and full of love. This park was her home away from home. Winslow was her happy place and the community of people and dogs here were part of her family….She befriended any dog that was willing to play and chase. Daphne was a friend to all and always had a smile on her face.

Carrie will miss her daily walks with Daphne. But, Carrie said, a box of tennis balls had been delivered just before Daphne died. Her dog “couldn’t wait to get her paws on them. She would want her friends to have them.”

There they were: tons of tennis balls for the taking.

Carrie concluded: “Hug your fur babies a little extra for me today.”

(Hat tip: Lindsey Blavais)

26 responses to “Daphne’s Gift

  1. RIP Daphne. So sad.

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    Dear Carrie,
    Many will identify with your loss of Daphne…and our hearts will feel your pain. We are blessed by having furry friends who we love dearly….and they love us. It’s a wonderful win-win situation.
    My white terrier, a rescue from San Juan, considers Winslow Park as his second home. The mingling/sniffing he does there makes his day.
    We are most fortunate to have a wonderful community for us all there to share.
    Please accept my condolences on your loss.
    I can hear Daphne saying from her resting place a big hello…and that she loves you very much.

    • Carrie Roberts Shope

      Thank you, Ann Marie, for your sweet words! I’m guessing we’ve crossed paths before without even knowing it. Enjoy your walks with your fur baby. Winslow is such a wonderful community. We are lucky to have this park to play and bond! 🙂

  3. as the sad owner of lost dogs RIP Daphne this story is a tear jerker I had tears in my eyes reading it but my condolences to the owner of that beautiful dog

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Daphne was a very sweet, happy girl. Wrigley will certainly miss playing with her.

    • Carrie Roberts Shope

      Daphne LOVED playing with Wrigley! She had such a sweet bond with her furry friends. I’m so glad you had a chance to know and enjoy her!

  5. All dogs go to heaven.

  6. So sorry for your loss. Daphne looks like the sweetest girl. Winslow has been a happy place for inumerable dogs for many years — including ours. Think of the happy times!

    • Carrie Roberts Shope

      Thank you, Daniel. She really was just the sweetest, most patient pup. I only wish we had more time with her. Thank you for your sentiments 🙂

  7. No doubt that Daphne is chasing down an infinite number of tennis balls in Heaven…hope she meets up with our Goldens, Sailor and Summer. RIP to all of our four legged children!

    • Carrie Roberts Shope

      I’m sure she is! There was nothing she loved more than a fresh, new tennis ball! Goldens really are a special breed 🙂 xo

  8. Danielle Dobin

    Daphne was such a joyful, sweet girl. What a beautiful way to remember her. Hugs to your family.

    • Carrie Roberts Shope

      Awww….thank you so much, Danielle! You are so sweet! She was such a good girl. I’m glad you had a chance to meet her. xoxo

  9. Bless her heart and you too

  10. What an incredible tribute! Burst into tears like a baby because my 16 year old Maltese is in her last days. You have inspired me to do something too which has made even thinking about it easier.

  11. What a thoughtful and wonderful gesture! So sorry for your loss. While it’s always painful to lose a beloved pet, it is especially difficult to lose one so young.

  12. What a sweet looking dog! It takes a special person to make such a beautiful gesture after such a tragedy. I know you will miss her so much.

  13. Sorry to hear of your loss of such a young friend. What a lovely remembrance by sharing her favorite toy! I am positive Nancy Hunter is correct: All dogs go to heaven.

  14. So wonderful – dog lovers are good people! Sad for Carrie, we lost our golden two years ago and I’m still sad

  15. Rebecca Ellsley

    Very sorry for your lose its always hard. But your kind gesture shows how much love you gave your pooch and she would be proud of you to share her toys. Big Hugs

  16. My heartfelt condolences. I know how hard it is to lose a sweet furry. Such a wonderful tribute and gift! ❤️

  17. RIP to your fur baby. I am so very sorry for your loss, Carrie.