New Look For An Old Parking Lot

For years, high bushes hid the smaller Compo Beach parking area — once called the “out of town” lot — from nearby Soundview Avenue, and the sand beyond.

Yesterday those bushes were removed. In their place: dune grass.

Alert “o6880” photographer Matt Murray was there. He shows us the new look:

7 responses to “New Look For An Old Parking Lot

  1. Why are we spending money on dune grass for a parking lot when we need a roof on our pavilion? There are a few areas at the beach that could use a little love but the pavilion should be our priority.

  2. Arline Gertzoff

    To add to the new look how about paving it with numbered spaces which would make selling spaces easier and when full a lot full sign No high tech needed

  3. I thought we all voted for more palm trees?

  4. Great move, both visually and from a beach visitor health standpoint. Those old bushes were laced with poison ivy. Well done Parks and Rec.

  5. Elizabeth Thibault

    This looks nice and is probably more ecologically sound. Plus, paving that area would be a bad idea, as it would cause runoff and greater storm damage every time we get hit, increasing the cost to operate and maintain the lot. (They count vehicles and know when the lot is full, which is a good low tech and low cost method.)

  6. India V Penney

    I’m sure the homeowners on Westport Ave are grateful, too. Gives them a much nicer view.

  7. Alan Phillips

    Walked sound view yesterday. New dune grass looks nice. Like we are at the beach.