League of Women Voters’ Guide: Corrected Edition

The Westport League of Voters’ Voters Guide is an invaluable resource for Westporters. Every candidate for every office — from 1st selectman to RTM — gets his or her name, photo and positions in front of everyone who cares to click on a simple link.

Unfortunately, the Guide that was published recently — and linked to here on “06880” — contained errors.

Click here for the corrected version.

And then vote!


3 responses to “League of Women Voters’ Guide: Corrected Edition

  1. Dick Lowenstein

    Nice sign..but not for this year. Because the Library is under reconstruction, this year, the RTM District 9 polling place is in the Town Hall auditorium.

  2. Yes PLEASE vote! Additionally, kindly urge every Westporter you know to do the same. During the last local election, there was a very low turnout- under 40%. We are better than that- your voice matters people!!!

  3. Jo Ann Davidson

    Thanks Dan for the corrected League of Women’s Voters Guide. There are a few printed versions around, delivered by League volunteers to some neighborhood mailboxes. Look inside the last edition of the Minuteman.

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