Ford Spotted In Weston

As Westporters debate the role of “outside” money and influence in the selectmen’s race, Westonites enjoyed a visit from a big political name.

Harold Ford Jr. — former congressman and chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, frequent guest on “Meet the Press” and “Morning Joe” — came to a fundraiser last night for selectman candidates Chris Spaulding and Brian Gordon.

He was not there in an official capacity. He did not speak publicly. He was just there to say hi to an old friend. Gordon — a Staples High School graduate — was his close friend at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ford circulated among the guests, offering quiet appraisals of the state of the world.

No one asked him about Weston taxes, zoning or what to do about Cobb’s Mill Inn.

Brian Gordon (center), flanked by Harold Ford Jr. (right) and Gordon’s former Staples High School basketball teammate Dave Sweedler.

3 responses to “Ford Spotted In Weston

  1. David Sweedler is much better looking in person, just sayin.

  2. Bart Shuldman

    Curious-what did Harold Ford say ‘quietly’ about CT? How does he feel about our financial crisis and does he believe that fundamental reform is required?

    Anyone attend and hear?