Calypso: The Music’s Over

There’s a “Space Available” sign at Calypso St. Barth.

But word on the (Main) Street is that there’s a lot more to this story than just one more store leaving downtown.

Calypso — prominently located in the old Westport Library building, kitty-corner from Tiffany — is a “luxury lifestyle brand,” with stores in places like Malibu, Palm Beach, Charleston and (of course) St. Barth.

But the entire chain seems to have fallen on hard times.

The Main Street/Post Road entrance to Calypso. Years ago, the plaza was a public park, outside the original Westport Library.

Folks in the know say the Westport store phone was turned off 2 weeks ago. They were served an eviction notice — without hearing from corporate headquarters.

The local manager apparently got a call from somewhere — the head office seems to have been evicted too — saying that all manager positions have been eliminated.

The store — which closes Monday — has been run without a manager since then. Loyal workers have tried to hang on as best they could.

One bright spot: The landlord has been kind to the staff.

Collateral damage includes a local woman who sold handmade sweaters to the store. She is said to be owed thousands of dollars.

New York stores have already been shut, with merchandise sitting inside. A Greenwich shop is in similar distress.

8 responses to “Calypso: The Music’s Over

  1. Elina Lublinsky

    For lack of better words – this sucks. 😕

  2. People — and The Town — seem to have forgotten that this still IS supposed to be a public park (as evidenced by the inconsequential sign on the terrace) … When the Library closed & Cafe Christina moved in circa ’84, by some weird happenstance, they flattened the park & built that terrace and usurped the public space. Larry Bradley, former P&Z director, never had an answer to why or how this happened, but if the town had its druthers it would reclaim this space & bring Needle Park back to life! 😀

  3. It hasn’t been easy to shop in Westport for a while with all of the construction for buildings and street sidewalk closures. Not to mention the continued issue with parking! Last week I Mistakenly parked in a shorter time parking spot and after having lunch and shopping, i carried my bags back to my car where a $25 ticket awaited. (btw, the parking lot was half full) My fault, but annoying!

  4. Elisabeth Keane

    Oh, I miss Christina’s. Reliably great food, embracing welcomes, and the pretty garden at the corner (town property) with benches and lovely shrubs and a wonderful arbor with, I think, wisteria. Not sure about the wisteria, but there was a twining flowering plant on the arbor. The restaurant’s interior walls were painted with murals by local artists. I think it closed in the late 1980s.

    It would be wonderful if the town would reclaim that parcel of town property and make it accessible to everyone. Who knows, it might even encourage a bit more pedestrian traffic.

    • Laurie Goldberg

      Actually Christina’s closed in the late 90s- the mid-to-late 90s. I know because I talked to the chef owner about going to culinary school to be a chef myself and he was so kind and helpful to me. Then they relocated to the Westport Inn… it was never the same. I miss them, that was a great place.

    • My absolute favorite restaurant in town!!!

  5. What a shame! Now I’ll have to go elsewhere for my $200 mellon baller.