Remembering Bob Satter

Bob Satter — longtime Westporter, World War II veteran, noted photographer and recent “Unsung Hero” on “06880” — died this morning. He was 94, and had been diagnosed with cancer.

Gil Ghitelman writes:

Bob Satter was my best friend. Witty, caring, and all around good guy, he was the consummate mensch. And at 94 he was more vibrant and tuned-in than folks half his age.

He was a feminist long before it became fashionable, expressing more concern for the health of Justice Ruth Ginsberg than his own.

Sitting at his table in Gold’s on any Monday or Friday were cherished moments for me, and I wish there could have been more. He touched the lives of anyone who met him. Our town has lost the sweetest guy I’ve ever known.

In 2014, Bob Satter was grand marshal of Westport’s Memorial Day parade.


17 responses to “Remembering Bob Satter

  1. My heart goes out to my classmate, Blair, and his family. Mr. Satter was, among many things to many people, the school photographer who coaxed the best smiles out of every student who sat before him for decades. Many of the class photos he took are on facebook now with names tagged. what a great way to remember our childhood.

  2. Vivianne Pommier

    My condolences to his family. I remember him well.

  3. My condolences as well, to the family and my Burr Farms classmate, Keith

  4. There are no words to describe the sadness by my family and im sure many others. My kids got to know Bob and hear his stories. We are lucky to have some amazing WW2 Veterans in our community. They have shared their storiea of unimaginable courage that inspires every bit of our souls. I wish and my family wishes we had more time to learn from his experiences and decades of living with the simplest concepts that many forget or choose not to do. He says hi to new people, he asks them how they are doing and shares experiences. There are no cell phones, there are no emails and no text messages. There were just special moments, great conversations and little life lessons. Bob, thank you for making this world better, and reminding us what life is truly all about.

  5. Bobbie Herman

    He was your Unsung Hero on October 11. I’m so glad you could honor him before he passed.

  6. Another of The Greatest Generation..RIP Mr. Satter..

  7. I’m very sorry to hear this, but grateful & very glad to have had the chance to get to know him & spent time together while working on the Veterans film … I’m also very glad he got to see the early cut & approved of it 🙂 … He will be missed!

  8. Anne Skandera

    So sorry to hear this. He took my engagement, wedding pictures and informal family pictures. I enjoyed reading your Unsung Hero column. Brings back fond memories.

  9. Lovely man, fabulous photographer. My condolences to his family.

  10. Our world is less bright… Bob was truly special, a real class act and a prince among men. I will miss him very much.

  11. So sad to hear of my mentor’s passing. Our families have been close since the 1950’s. When I expressed an interest in photography he invited me to his studio and put up with my endless questions. Ultimately, I was proud to work as his assistant. The Picarello family will miss Bob and Jeanne, members of the Greatest Generation.

  12. Adam Schwartz (75)

    My mother took my brother and I over to Bob’s studio for portraits at least once a year when we were younger and for whatever reason, I remember those days like they were yesterday. No clue how Bob handled my brother and I but I remember clearly how calm and generous Bob was. He was very kind and never raised his voice. It was like a short vacation for us whenever we visited his studio. Godspeed Bob Satter.

  13. Dick Lowenstein

    Bob’s funeral is today, Friday, at Temple Beth El, East Avenue, Norwalk. No time given in his Connecticut Post obituary.The family asks that any memorial gifts be given to the Westport Library. That’s not uprising, as that’s where he often hung out and where he and I would always chat.

  14. Audrey Doniger

    I am so sad…he was one of a kind.Condolences to the family

  15. I called the funeral home. The service is set for 1PM at Temple Beth El, East Avenue, Norwalk.

  16. He was one of my favorites as well.
    Ted Lowry

  17. A very nice man and fun to talk too.