Cops Release Assault Video; Ask Citizens For Aid

A vicious assault in the middle of the Post Road by Terrain on Tuesday morning led to a massive police presence, and partial closure of the street.

Now Westport Police have released video of the beating.

It’s not pretty. But they hope it leads to identification of one of the men involved.

The incident began in Derby. and continued with a car chase into Westport. In the video, a man got out of a white van driving on the wrong side of the road.

While the kicking and beating was underway, a 2nd vehicle pulled up. The driver joined the attack. He wore a dark t-shirt with white lettering on the back, jeans and a baseball cap.

That vehicle — a red-bronze or rust-colored Ford Explorer, with possible Maryland plates — is the one police seek to identify. Anyone with information should call 203-341-6080.

Two men have already been arrested. They’ve been charged with 2nd-degree assault, 1st-degree reckless endangerment and breach of peace.

20 responses to “Cops Release Assault Video; Ask Citizens For Aid

  1. My guess is that there was more than road rage involved here.

  2. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    YEP… that wasn’t random and it just happened to cross into Westport.
    Pretty sure these weren’t honor students.

  3. There seems to have been enough time for the police to have arrived. Why wasn’t the videoing person been calling the police or at least recording the license

  4. Looks like the video came from a bus. The red car must have been part of the chase given his willingness to join in the beating. Unless white shirt said something so despicable that he was able to entice him to throw a kick. With today’s technology and surveillance, it should be easy enough to get a read on the red car.

  5. If you look closely you will see the bicycle on the front rack of the GBT Coastal Link bus. All GBT buses have a video monitor system installed.

  6. Wow !
    just like Los Angeles.

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Probably a Democrat and a Republican debating what’s needed for a compromise healthcare solution.

  8. Moral of the story: “Thou shalt not steal.”

  9. Eric and Martha – either I missed something or your comments are ridiculous and unwarranted.

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

      Mary, consistent with contemporary life, my comments are usually ridiculous and unwarranted.

  10. Bob Fatherley

    With all those bystanders and drive-by’s, why did no one come to the rescue?

    • The guy getting beat did a home invasion. Don’t know why those details are left off of the blog post?

      • Because they were not in the police press release I got.

        • The story was also carried on the local news on Long Island.

        • There is a video online of (I think) the guy getting beat on the post road, trying to kill the guy chasing him with a hammer. If its not the guy getting beat it was of an accomplice swinging the hammer.

  11. So, how did this come from Derby? And how did it get to the Post Road in Westport.?? Very weird.

  12. “Thou shalt not steal”,Martha?
    How the hell do you know anything was stolen? Home invasion does not equal theft. We have no clue what the invasion was about and jumping to scripture is neither logical nor justified by what we know.

  13. No!!! Not in beautiful and idyllic Westport. The world is too violent right now. That is disgusting and sad. Sad it spilled over into Westport too. Westport is always my sunny, happy place in my mind. Happy, sunny, beachy, peaceful, creative Westport.