Rye Ridge Opens; Westport Rejoices

Fifteen months after Oscar’s closed, there’s a deli on Main Street.

Rye Ridge is open for business. The kosher-style deli fills a void in all of downtown.

Some of Oscar’s long-time staff are back behind the counter. Many of Oscar’s regulars are back in line.

Can you say “pastrami on rye”?

A waiter cleans up — and looks at Lee Papageorge, longtime Oscar’s owner (wearing the red apron at left). The mural was a fixture of the old deli, and has been restored by the Rye Ridge owners. (All photos/Lynn U. Miller)

10 responses to “Rye Ridge Opens; Westport Rejoices

  1. Vanessa Bradford

    Lee lives on in our hearts and once again on Main Street.

  2. Didn’t win but was as good as advertised. Played well but never as good as you dream you will play. Some classic moments

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  3. Good news. Great story. 😉

  4. So cool! Wholesale food prices have skyrocketed over the past decade and a business like Lee’s maybe didn’t have the present overhead but either way glad there’s a good Kosher style Deli there and I bet so does Lee! I bet that $12 sandwich is awesome!

  5. Bill MacNamara

    Stopped by for lunch today and it was
    wonderful to see Imus, Chris and Waukeen
    – all from Oscar’s. Really miss seeing Lee sitting in the barber chair.

  6. Just had supper there very good. The salads are huge, got lunch for tomorrow. The service was excellent and the place is beautiful.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    Hard for a newcomer to compare/live up to a previous iconic business like Oscar’s, especially for any of us native or long-time Westporter’s.

    Looks like Rye Ridge owners paid close attention to the local’s sentiments about Oscar’s:

    – Minimal change to original floor plan/layout.

    – Keeping the mural.

    – An “Oscar’s” sandwich menu section.

    – Hiring previous employees.

    – Keeping outdoor seating (and it appears to be expanded a bit, from the pics?).

    – Similar traditional meat display case

    Hope it fills the void (looks good so far), and good luck to the new owners!

  8. Jennie Pickering

    any place that sells foot long Twizzlers on Main St is an instant star in my book! Welcome Rye Ridge!! and thank you!!!
    love, Jennie from the block

  9. We stopped in briefly in the middle of a couple of errands this afternoon. The place looks great. We wish the new owners lots of success.

  10. Good to have a deli open for dinner for a change. None in town since Arnie Kaye left!