Photo Challenge #147

It’s tough to post a photo challenge involving the Compo Beach cannons.

But Lynn U. Miller found a way.

The talented photographer took a close-up shot of a spot every Westporter — and everyone who has ever been here — knows well. (Click here for the photo.)

Her image fooled most “06880” readers. Not Craig Clark and Elaine Marino, though. They’re as eagle-eyed as the colonists who spotted the British arriving offshore 240 years ago!

Here’s the next photo challenge:

The plaque — photographed by Westport tree warden Bruce Lindsay — seems important. What better group to honor than all of our local veterans, living and dead?

But even Westport’s most involved citizens probably don’t know where to find it.

If you do, click “Comments” below. And if you’ve got a back story about who dedicated the plaque, and why it’s where it is, let us know.


13 responses to “Photo Challenge #147

  1. JUST A GUESS – AT THE VFW . . .

  2. That is absolutely awesome!!!! We are transforming Veterans Day in this town, i encourage everyone to attend the town hall service which is so special for all ages!!! Its on saturday this year so while schools are normally in session they wont be this Veterans Day!!!!

    Nothing better than such great historic praise for those that have defended our freedom. God Bless every Veteran of every age, with us today and those that passed!

  3. Is that at Veterans Green? Across town hall?

  4. Memorial Day in 1975 was Monday, May 26th. This plaque is marked the day before on Sunday May 25th. So I suspect that the ceremony installing it was perhaps held at a Church the day before the town officially celebrated Memorial Day. Also, considering that it took place so soon after South Vietnam fell to North Vietnam and domestically to the Watergate Scandal and President Nixon’s resignation – reminds me just how our country was mired in the depths of a deep collective disenchantment the Spring of 1975. So it would make sense that it was probably a quiet, perhaps even private, installation ceremony. I would suggest that it is probably located in one of our cemeterys or on a Church grounds.

  5. You would think this would be at the VFW, Veterans Green or a church. But you would be wrong. Sad that this has been forgotten and overlooked. Keep looking for it!

  6. Is it where the Doughboy Statue used to stand, in the Post Road median near Westport Wash and Wax?

    • or, perhaps on or near the old Betucci’s / Clambox property, where a memorial flagpole formerly stood?

  7. Jack – you are amazing! You know Westport VERY well. The plaque is indeed at the old Bertucci’s/Clam Box property, where the memorial flagpole once stood. AND, as you noted, that’s a few feet away from where the Doughboy statue once stood. It was in the median, between the restaurant and Torno Hardware. It was relocated probably 20-25 years ago to Veterans Green (though it was not called that then), a more appropriate spot across from Town Hall and next to the Westport Historical Society.

    Well done!

    • Here is an article from the Westport News that would seem to be relevant, seems the AL and the VFW both had a hand in this, which did, as John Suggs pointed out, occur the day before Memorial Day:

      The WESTPORT NEWS, Friday, February 7, 1975 Page 19 – Hartsig elected president of veterans’ group – Robert R. Hartsig has been elected president of the Westport Veterans Council. The Council represents members of both the August Matthias Post No. 63 of the American Legion and the Joseph J. Clinton Post No. 399 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Other officers elected for the coming year are: Alexander Donetz, First Vice-commander; W. Irving Granville, second vicecommander and counselor; Earle L. Townsend, secretary; William Vornkahl, assistant secretary and treasurer. At a meeting held last Monday, plans were discussed concerning the upcoming Memorial Day parade and services to be held on Monday, May 26, and plans for the dedication of a memorial flagpole at the Clam Box on May 25.

  8. On the Post Road where the original site of the Doughboy stood. In the island just before exit 18. I loved that site as it was so visible to all!

  9. Dan it might be in that overgrown untended mess of a shame on corner of Bertuccis which needs a cleanup asap

    There isnt even a sidewalk anywhere near it

  10. I am a Vietnam Veteran from the mid sixties and was not aware of this plaque. Where would it to be more noticeable?