“06880” Endorses…

No other candidate for kayak commissioner has such a great Abba-esque slogan.

Or a Swedish flag.

Of course, there are no other candidates for kayak commissioner.

Because the post doesn’t exist.

But if it did, we’d definitely vote for Magano.

(Hat tip: Dana Kuyper. She took this photo at the Spicer/Rayfield Road intersection.)


21 responses to ““06880” Endorses…

  1. Barbara Bangser

    This guy beat us to the fake sign idea!


  2. Actually, if I were elected kayak commissioner I’d look into adding a few kayak racks at Burying Hill Beach. It would enable more people to get spaces for their kayaks.

  3. That’s classic! A good laugh that was sorely needed today, thanks.
    BTW, is anyone else fed up with the proliferation of these butt-ugly signs? I get the free speech, quaint New England politics aesthetic but do we really need the “I’ve got more signs than you on this corner” wars? Would anyone on “06880” join me in a petition to have the RTM limit the number of signs for any person or subject matter to one with a radius of a certain distance….maybe 3,000 feet? I don’t think the RTM would be violating anyone’s civil rights by limiting the number of signs allowed. It’s getting to the point the signs are blocking visibility at intersections….and God forbid you touch them, even just to relocate to a safe spot. Anyone of like mind?

    • Ironic, isn’t it, to trample over one’s freedom of political speech.

    • Actually, I’m running for re/election to the RTM from District 5 and am one of the very few candidates for anything in town that DOESN’T use signs. They don’t really give you much information about a candidate on which to base your decision other than how to spell their names.

      • And they litter the landscape

      • Peter: Thanks for your response and best of luck on your re-election. Of course it begs the question, are you saying you’d be on board with and support a petition to the RTM to limit these signs as I have proposed? As a member of the RTM you’d be invaluable to moving this along. I have a suspicion that the majority of Westporters believe, as you and I do, that although these signs are an acceptable part of our political process and protected as free speech, their proliferation is unnecessary, unappealing and in certain circumstances, hazardous. I don’t believe free speech protects the right of a candidate to put up 6 signs at one intersection just to stay ahead of the competition. It’s slightly akin to the old “yelling fire in a movie theater” argument. Would I be able to count on you?

  4. Can’t wait for another round of “clean up those signs!” complaints, along with “no strangers allowed on my beach!”, or “white privilege essays rock!”, or “my dog doesn’t poop in the park!” …

  5. Bill Whitbeck

    ABBA…kayak…looks more like a palindrome post than anything else! Better send out an SOS

  6. Mimi McLaughlin

    “Magano”, who has some wonderful friends with a cheeky sense of humor, woke up to find these signs near his home on Saturday. It was a playful prank. That’s it. They weren’t all over the town. They were placed so HE would see them and laugh. There’s nothing more to it. Y’all need to get a grip in a major way.
    Barbara, the first commenter, got it! Bill got it. A Phil and a Peter politicized it. Someone named Nancy, who apparently is disregarded for her out-of-state status, chimes in with distracting commentary…. Sigh….. Dan, this is the community who supports your blog and it’s consistent. Where the heck is everyone’s sense of humor, sense of camaraderie and playfulness?
    I sure am glad my friend, “Magano”, got a well deserved laugh last weekend. Frankly, we should want a Kayak Commissioner. Being on the water is very therapeutic. I’m feeling like some of you might need a reminder of what communing with nature is all about.

    • Ms. McLaughlin et al: FYI, I did say I enjoyed the joke and Dan made it quite clear it WAS a joke in his initial blog. Just to clarify, my issue is not political, it’s practical and with safety in mind. Just yesterday I picked up my son and was leaving Bedford Middle School, trying to turn left onto North Ave to pick up my daughter from Staples. On a normal day this is a tough turn at that time of day but with all the lawn signs lined up on the north side of the road I couldn’t see oncoming traffic. Does the need for multiple signs for the same person, one-upping the other candidate’s signs, over shadow life safety issues? Again I would ask if Mr. Gold would support a petition.

    • Yes Mimi, adding “distracting commentary” is irresistible when simple becomes silly. Guilty as charged.
      By the way, I think the sign is very funny… maybe a “Canoe Commissioner”,