Pic Of The Day #173

Green’s Farms post office — does the apostrophe make it official? (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #173

  1. so, as a former resident of Greens Farms, I can’t help but wonder: so who’s Green? : )

  2. The apostrophe is a typo.

  3. Fueling an argument.

  4. Bob Weingarten

    For those that want to read about the naming of Green’s Farms and the name you can refer to the Westport Historical Society website and look under “about” for a heading of “Westport’s Eye on Green’s Farms”. There is an article starting with the words: “Whats in the name…” which discusses this issue. Also for the history buffs, the Post Office building was constructed initially in 1868.

    • 1868 the present building? I am understanding it was built in a vintage style after the highway came thru in the 1950s and the original structure was torn down? I don’t think it was moved because an old friend once said she was married in the hall above the Green’s Farms post office and I can’t quite imagining that in the present day structure! Also was understanding the post office was originally inside of the train station where locals had “cubbies” for their mail. If you notice the odd uphill road near the New York departing train that’s the original Green’s Farms Road,, or so I can remember in my many years. Happy Holidays from Oliva!

  5. I’m so sorry Bob, I misunderstood I think. The original post office you speak of is the train station! Yes! It is so lovely it is still standing! My grandfather said he saw it being moved from the location before they went to 4 lines which was over by the little park. Best, OMS.