Unsung Hero #18

In 2004, Susan Gold joined the Westport Historical Society as education director. She became executive director in 2007.

After 10 years, she’s leaving that post. Her legacy is an organization that does great work, has made an important mark in town — and is filled with her friends and admirers.

History and non-profits are just 2 of Gold’s passions.

The Ithaca College grad (with master’s from Cornell University) is an avid swimmer, hiker and kayaker. (She’s probably the reason the WHS sponsored a kayak tour out to Cockenoe Island.)

Gold has run 14 marathons — including a personal best of 3:09 in the prestigious New York event. She’s won numerous age group races, at a variety of distances.

WHS board member Leigh Gage calls Gold “a bundle of energy. She gets up at 5 a.m.  to run and do qigong. Many evenings after work, she teaches yoga or qigong.” Many of her classes are free — she asks only for donations to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Susan Gold, in a typical pose.

A Rotarian, Sue volunteers often at events like Lobsterfest. (That figures: She’s a pescatarian — and an avid Westport Farmers’ Market greens shopper. She usually returns to the office with gifts for the staff.)

Historical Society directors will miss the annual January luncheon. Gold cooked a vegan meal for the entire board. It was one more way to give back.

Past president Joan Andrews calls Gold “dedicated, resourceful, and a tireless promoter of all things related to WHS — especially children’s programs, fundraising events and exhibits. She has served us as our gracious and smiling face to the community, and will be sorely missed by us all.”

Former president Ed Gerber adds, “Very effectively, Susan told me of the work of the WHS, and how she thought I could help based on my enthusiasm for history and historic preservation. She reeled me in, and I thank her for it!”

Gold’s daughter Rachel has 2 children. They live in Washington. She looks forward in retirement to visiting them often.

She has another daughter, Hannah — and her son David lives in Central America. She’ll visit both too.

Susan Gold may soon be WHS “history.” But — like the most important parts of who we are — she will be well remembered.

11 responses to “Unsung Hero #18

  1. Good luck on your next journey, Sue. You will be missed but not forgotten. Thank for being such an important part of our community!

  2. Susan was fantastic at The Westport Historical Society. She will be missed!!
    We enjoyed great camps and birthday parties there over the past 10 years.
    Thank you Susan!

  3. Congratulations and thank you for all your work, Sue! – Chris Woods

  4. Have always enjoyed seeing you about…this is a wonderful tribute to your first decades..Wish you .Joy ,health,love in your future. Roe Colletti

  5. Susan is an amazing Executive Director of The Westport Historical Society as she is at everything she takes on. She takes on all her endeavors with a strong commitment and can think out of the box to achieve her goals. Namaste Susan Gold.

  6. Mary Ann Batsell

    What a wonderful tribute to you and you deserve every word. I have been so in awe
    of your strength, dedication and optimism,
    You are an inspiration! I will truly miss you
    And wish you all the joy, love and graces
    in your future.

  7. Julia and Scott Broder

    Thank you for all your stellar years of dedication to WHS and Rotary. We’ve admired you and your friendship since our girls were in grade school together. You’re a true example of a caring, giving and effective jewel in our community. Kudos and best of everything in the next chapters of your life!
    Warmest thoughts,
    Julia & Scott

  8. Susan, it was always a delight to see you at the WHS, and the warm and welcoming smile. Thanks for helping make the Historical Society the vital organization it is today. We’ll be coming back from NJ soon for the brickwalk ceremony, and I hope you won’t be gone too soon! Much love, Linda & Ken

  9. Dan, you captured the essence of Susan in your article! She has always been a terrific boss, appreciative of her staff and generous. We will miss her.

  10. Michaela MacColl

    Sue recruited me to volunteer at the WHS ten years ago — I’m one amongst so many. She inspires us with her energy and goodness. She will be missed!

  11. Sue, you are probably the best thing that ever happened to the Hysterical Society. Thanks for all the programs, fund raisers, public relations activities, and just being there for these many years. You deserve the best activity-filled “retirement” possible. All our best wishes go with you!
    Wally & Denise Woods