Pic Of The Day #170

Ned Dimes Marina, from a drone. (Photo @danielrosenkranzphoto)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #170

  1. Peter Barlow

    This very wide-angle view makes the marina look much more spacious than it is but it does show how perfectly protected on just about all four sides this harbor is. One of the best harbors on the Sound. I see my old mooring, No. I -19, vacant at the moment.

  2. Ann Marie Flynn

    Who remembers the marina of years ago. It looked like a page out of Angela Lansbury’s t.v. show….many boats tied to one mooring…and many moorings. Was quite beautiful in it’s own way.
    The ‘new’ marina looks so restricted….

  3. Ann – As a boater with experience in the old line mooring marina as well as the new arrangement with floating docks, the new is a huge improvement, and allows for many more boats, not to mention shore power, hose down capabilities, and easy direct access. Night and day – suggest you gaze out upon the moorings off of Longshore pool for the “look” you are after. 🙂

  4. Jack – everything just keeps getting bigger and better doesn’t it.

  5. Well, I actually have a pretty good track record of advocating for the preservation of Westport’s charm and character, including resistance to “bigger” things in Town where such are out of character with the surrounding area. But I have never suggested that Westport needs to remain frozen in time as if in a snow-globe, with no refreshment or improvement of our infrastructure – as long as such is done with sensitivity to the character of the Town. I would firmly place the upgrade of the Ned Dimes marina at Compo some 25 years ago in that category.

  6. “advocating for the preservation of Westports charm and character” – you can’t be serious. Westports charm and character no longer exist, it has become just another mall.