Age Of Reason Reopens

In May, Age of Reason closed.

Fans of the unique toy store mourned. Founded in 1983, it became a Westport favorite for items hand-picked to deliver creative, developmental and educational encouragement and enjoyment.

With no sign — and no message on its answering machine — it seemed Age of Reason was one more victim of the Toys R Us/Amazon one-two punch.

But this is even better than Toy Story.

The shop was merely closed for 5 months. Now it’s reopened at 9 Post Road West — 4 doors down from its previous location. It’s between Winfield Deli and Stephen Kempson custom tailor.

Age of Reason has swapped spots with a bridal shop. The brides needed more space; the kids, a bit less.

Sounds “reason”able — and wonderful — to me!

One response to “Age Of Reason Reopens

  1. YAY !!!!
    Thanks for the heads up, Dan. And welcome ‘back’ Age of Reason. There is nowhere else I know of to buy the stuff you sell (and it ain’t just for kids)!

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