Chris McKendry: “Best Job At ESPN”

Chris McKendry may have “the best job at ESPN.”

And — according to Sporting News — it may be the start of “a different relationship in the future between on-air talent and TV networks” everywhere.

McKendry — a Westport resident — spent 20 years anchoring “SportsCenter.”

Now she’s a fulltime tennis sportscaster. As Grand Slam host, she travels the world covering the US Open, Wimbledon and Australian Open.

But that leaves plenty of time to raise her 2 sons.

Or — if she wants — to work for another network. (Just not on tennis.)

This summer, the former Drexel University tennis player hosted over 150 hours of US Open Coverage. The 16-hour days — for 2 long weeks — were grueling. But it was worth it. Ratings were up 8% over last year.

Sporting News’ interview with McKendry covered a range of topics. To read the full transcript, click here.

(Hat tip: Jeff Mitchell)

Chris McKendry (Photo courtesy of Sporting News)

2 responses to “Chris McKendry: “Best Job At ESPN”

  1. And I’ll pass on the hat tip to my father, a huge lifelong tennis fan, who sent that link to me. As a bit of trivia, the first time Rod Laver ever consented to have his name associated with a charity tennis event was hosted by my father in 1992. It’s always been fun to say, sincerely, that I played against Laver, Rosewall, Newcombe and other legends when I was younger. 🙂

  2. Chris is a very smart, well-spoken sportscaster. She’s inspiring to young women concerned that ESPN is for male sportscasters only.