Westporter Thanks Neighbors For Solidarity With Mexico

Over 200 people were killed — and many more lives devastated — during yesterday’s magnitude-7.1 earthquake in Mexico City. “06880” reader Alejandro Garcia writes:

As a Mexican living in Westport, I’ve been humbled over the last few hours by the displays of concern from local friends regarding yesterday’s earthquake.

Our family has been part of Westport for just over 3 years, and the quality of the human relationships we have now is beyond my biggest expectations.

Alejandro Garcia

As I type this, the death toll stands at 225 and counting. I am blessed to report my close ones are fine, but a high school classmate did lose a 19-year-old nephew at his college. Above all, everyone is still terrified.

For those of you who are not in Mexican social media networks, you are not aware of the incredible displays of solidarity I have been witness to from afar.  People are selflessly working around the clock as volunteers. Some of them are lifting rubble, others are preparing and delivering food. Others have opened up their homes for strangers to sleep in, wash up.

I witnessed this as a teenager in a similar earthquake in 1985, 32 years to the day yesterday. The quality of a society or a human being is most visible in moments of adversity, so this solidarity makes me extremely proud of my roots, as much as I love and call Westport and the USA home now. It brings tears to my eyes.

Mexicans are resilient. We will pull through. Nobody is asking for handouts. That is not our style. I have nonetheless been asked by several people how they can help. If you are so inclined, I have vetted through my contacts what the best ways are. There are a couple of options:

  • Go to comoayudar.mx, and set the “Filtrar por locacion” filter to global.  My apologies; it is only in Spanish. There is a list of organizations that take PayPal.  Any amount makes a difference.
  • Amazon has partnered with the local Red Cross. RC created a wish list that can be fulfilled through Amazon. The beauty of this is that it is updated by the local Red Cross in real time, as it detects needs. It can’t be more targeted than this.  Go to Amazon.com.mx.

Above all, thank you for the human solidarity. May you and your families never need to face this level of human suffering.

Mexicans helped each other in the hours after Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. Now it’s time for Westporters to help too.


6 responses to “Westporter Thanks Neighbors For Solidarity With Mexico

  1. Dan, thank you for being our local social media resource here so that we can, not only be better aware of the real-time situation in Mexico, but also a means through which we can help…and now is the time to help.

  2. Dan, thank you for being the channel to this candid and heartfelt message.
    And well said Alejandro, your note expresses the feelings of many Mexicans like us, are away from home in a our new home. Ánimo y te mando un abrazo.

  3. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Alejandro, I’d like to help, but I can’t figure out how to find the Red Cross wish list on Amazon.com.mx. Would you please give step-by-step instructions? (I don’t speak Spanish.) Thanks.

  4. Thanks, Eileen. I’ve just updated the link in the story, to bring readers directly to the page you found. Gracias!

  5. Hanne Jeppesen

    Earthquakes are terrifying. Having lived in the San Francisco Bay area since 1976 I have experienced a few. The biggest one was in Oct of 1989, where part of the Bay Bridge felt down and the death toll was around 100 (don’t remember exactly) but to have the ground you are standing on, or the bed you are sleeping in, start to shake is an experience that is hard to describe, and especially if it keeps going. Most of the earthquakes, we have had in this area since I have lived, here has been fairly minor. By the time you jump out of bed and reach what is considered a safe place the shaking has stopped. The quake in 1989 was different, I was a work and it started as a slow vibration, one could think it was just a heavy truck going by the building, and then it got worse and worse, I and several co workers stood in a doorway and held on, at it’s worst I could barely hold on and stand up.
    I knew it was bad. We had some aftershocks, but not too bad. My nine year old daughter was terrified for days, and a little kitten we had was hiding under the couch for hours. Fortunately not too much in my house was broken, some glass plates etc.

    I feel for the people in Mexico as this is the second quake in a very short time. My thoughts are with all who have been affected.