Unsung Hero #16

A couple of Sundays ago, Julie Gannon was canning tomatoes.

Hours later — at 6 p.m. — she had 18 jars lined up. They were sterilized, prepped — but she had run out of tomatoes.

She texted Lloyd Allen. The owner of Double L Market quickly replied. He had 2 boxes left. She could pick them up the next day.

Immediately though, he texted back again. He wanted to know if Julie was in the middle of canning.

When she said yes, Lloyd said he knew what that was like. He offered to drive to the store from Wilton, and open up.

At 7 p.m. he was there — with a huge smile.

Lloyd Allen, with his familiar smile.

Over and over, she thanked him profusely. Each time, Lloyd said he was glad to help.

“He’s always so positive and helpful,” Julie says of the popular farm stand owner.

“He has amazing products, and homemade soups, sauces and tamales. When you shop at Double L, you always feel like you’re dealing with a friend.

“Lloyd always tries to help in any way he can. That’s special and rare. I love Lloyd!”

“06880” does too. That’s why Lloyd Allen is this week’s Unsung Hero!

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Lloyd Allen, outside his Double L Market on the Post Road.

12 responses to “Unsung Hero #16

  1. Sharon Horowitz

    Here Here. Could not agree more. This is one of my favorite stores in Westport. Wish there were many more like this– makes Westport feel like a place I like to call home.

    • Sweet story…Adorable store…I remember Lloyd when he was selling corn from Cheshire on Post Rd… But can we ask Lloyd why nothing is priced in his store?

      • Thanks for the question! Most everything is priced, except small table down the middle, prices change daily… and we are a small store, not big box… ask, and I we can give you the “daily market price” on the spot

  2. Lloyd personifies the vegetable markets of Europe and the current passion for farmers markers and he does it with an unmitigated passion

  3. Superb choice … (AND, you can hear Beach Boys songs you never knew existed!)

  4. Suzanne Zarrilli

    I love shopping at Double LL. It is a neighborhood gem. Lloyd only chooses the best fruit & vegetables. His secret ice box holds smoked ribs & chicken wings. He knows where you food comes from! Yes & his playlists are terrific

  5. Lloyd has always been my Hero

  6. Ellen Lautenberg

    I love Lloyd and shopping at LL too!

  7. Yes, I so agree that the Double LL is a neighborhood gem. Amid the proliferation of chain stores in town, the Double LL–and Lloyd himself–is a one of a kind. I love Lloyd!!!!!

  8. Missed this article …but now that I’ve found it iwould like Lloyds fans to know the he is also a writer and wrote a book about another foodie..”Being Martha”…am assuming they know which “Martha”…fun read !
    Congrats Lloyd for finally finding the farmers stand of your dreams..

  9. Hello Lloyd,
    Someone recently sent me this post with your reply which I had not seen until now otherwise I would have replied sooner.
    For the record I support the small guy 100%%!! still do and was one of DLs fans for years against the back talk of many who did not seem to get the significance of such a store. I seek out and prefer the experience of the intimate shopping encounter but I want to be an informed financial shopper – and after years of shopping at DL – contrary to your reply Lloyd I have Never seen a price on any item. And to your other reply..,Just Ask – but why should I have too. That’s not part of the food shopping experience I want.
    And if it’s aesthetics I get that – but there’s a surplus of attractive ways to deal with this.

    I don’t need to wonder what my bill is going to be when I check out – or whether the proprietor is making it up according to customer or as he
    goes along.

    The cute factor of DL has worn off for me – thanks for the memories and as they say in the ST…in this case I’m unfortunately out.