Jose Can You Sea?

A tropical storm watch for the remnants of Hurricane Jose has been discontinued.

However, a coastal flood advisory is still in effect, for low-lying areas during high tides.

One of those is Burying Hill Beach.

This was the scene earlier today:

(Photo/Frank Rosen)

It sure could have been worse!

5 responses to “Jose Can You Sea?

  1. And suddenly that name
    Will never be the same — Maria!

  2. Trump said he would take care of Harvey and Irma, but no way would he let Jose into the country.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    LOL, Bobbie and Nancy!

    Clever 😉

    On a more serious note … Damn, were we lucky! (this time, in the northeast).

  4. that poor bicycle in the saltwater 🙁