House Hunters Hit Westport

If it seems that every new home buyer in Westport comes from Brooklyn: Watch “House Hunters.”

The popular HGTV show’s promo for tonight’s 10 p.m. episode says:

Buyers in Brooklyn, NY, look for a home with more space in nearby Westport, CT. One wants a modern place that’s move-in ready, has an open floor plan and a Japanese bathtub. The other is hoping for a Cape Cod or Colonial with vintage charm. Can they meet in the middle and find the spacious home of their dreams?

Of course they can! This is reality TV — and there are plenty of homes on the market.

There’s still one unanswered question, though: Will they move next door to the 2nd Fattest Housewife in Westport?

(Hat tip: Charlie Haberstroh)


One response to “House Hunters Hit Westport

  1. Irene Mastriacovo

    Unfortunately the sellers out number the buyers. Westport and Connecticut need to do a better job with marketing to entice businesses and home buyers to the area. Last I checked there were over 400 homes on the market in Westport and a fairly large amount of available commercial space. Many homes reduced upwards of $300,000 or more yet the assessments remain higher than the current market value. We love Westport but we are seniors on a fixed income and our house is too large for us to upkeep. Our plan is to move closer to our family in the south. It is now 754 days since we put our house on the market. Looks like we might be here for a while but hey, Westport isn’t a bad place to be stuck in.