“2nd Fattest Housewife” = Least Funny Show

As reported last weekend, ABC is placing a big bet on a show about “the 2nd fattest housewife in Westport.”

They’re changing the title. But the show is still set “here.” And Westport plays a big fat role in the promo.

Check out the just-released trailer:

Executives — including Staples grad Kenny Schwartz — are playing up all our stereotypes. “Game of Thrones” it ain’t.

No wonder broadcast television is dying.

23 responses to ““2nd Fattest Housewife” = Least Funny Show

  1. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Holy crap on a cracker!

    • Nancy Hunter Wilson

      On second thought, maybe the show is based on the namesake town in New Zealand, or the one in Ireland, or even the one in Ontario…?! Don’t fret!

  2. Bruce Nemirow

    How perfectly awful. Everyone associated with this abomination should rethink their careers and contribution to society.

    Dan, thanks for unearthing this stinker.

  3. Awful, but will watch for location shots, and they do get a couple of good perspectives here on at least the women. What they could have done and this is disappointing.

  4. Jerry MacDaid

    Dan – Thought you said this was a sitcom, not a reality show.

  5. Marcy Anson Fralick -- Staples Class of 1970

    The link didn’t come through for me on Dan’s post, so I don’t know if this is a duplicate. ABC renamed the show, “American Housewife”…. trailer included. It doesn’t look funny at all, but ABC says it’s FUNNY. Hmm.


  6. Thinking this show might be about me!! 🙂 It actually looks pretty funny, stereotypes or not!

  7. Laurie Goldberg

    Put me in the camp that says “This is garbage”, regardless of whether it’s Westport or not.

  8. Jill Turner Odice

    Will there be a laugh track to tell you when you are supposed to laugh?

  9. Jeff Arciola

    This is great. The new Westport. I love it. They are spot on. Can’t wait to watch it.

  10. I have an idea for a title: “The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport moves to Darien and meets the Stepford Wives”. I think “The Americans” is better TV.

  11. Glenn Gans

    This is why HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime are eating network TVs lunch.

  12. Terry Vance

    I like Ms Mixon.
    Dan is right — Game of Thrones is more like Westport.
    I laughed at the pizza-on-the-shirt line.
    I laughed at double Fitbits, since even wearing one is funny.
    I am hoping the Mixon character joins Sound Cyclists, since bicycling in Westport involves wearing your Spanx on the outside, humerous encounters with lots of swearing, and advanced technology serviced to trivial goals.
    The spousal fight over $35 weight loss supplements in the cashier line was hilarious — oh, that wasn’t in the trailer — it happened at Whole Foods and I think the characters were different.

  13. I am cracking up right now!!!

  14. Audrey Hertzel

    <3 IT!

  15. David Floyd

    Guess I’m unclear on the meaning of the word “Funny”

  16. Fred Cantor

    Dan, I certainly hope you gave Kenny decent playing time back in the day. Otherwise, I’m not sure I want to see how the soccer coach is depicted in this series.

    Seriously, I do remember his mom from my summers working at the Longshore tennis courts. She was very nice–and I wonder what her take is on this.

  17. Dave Stalling

    Westport and sitcoms sure have changed since Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were in town. (It’d be difficult to top Lucy pretending to be the Minuteman statue during a dedication ceremony after accidentally breaking the real one.)

  18. This is like my father-in-law getting offended that there is a comedy about an Irish-Catholic family without actually watching it. We haven’t seen it yet. If it’s terrible, then let’s complain about it. But I for one can relate to being a “fat” woman in Fairfield County. And yes, I’ve totally found pizza on my shirt. And I’m kind of upset that the former Crumbs location is another fancy salad place when CLEARLY we need a fancy donut shop downtown- but that’s another story.

  19. Steve Shulman

    As someone who has lived in Westport for 21 years I have to say it’s way more that accurate and too funny and if your offended by it in anyway then you fit the nasty awful stereo type of awful Westporters that they are trying to depict and make fun of! This show will do very very well.

  20. Brenda McGee

    With all due respect, let us not be so serious about situation comedies! I am pretty sure this is exactly what Kenny Schwartz and his crew intended, and I for one enjoy these little breaks in the intense nature of this area. I say we all calm down, have a good laugh… the take away, maybe we can all be kinder and embracing, pizza stains included.