Pop Go The Photos

Michael Friedman has done a lot in his 73 years.

The Staples High School Class of 1961 graduate produced “Hello, It’s Me.” He managed Todd Rundgren and Kris Kristofferson — as well as (with Albert Grossman) the careers of Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Band, Odetta, and Peter Paul & Mary. He did publicity for the Dave Clark 5 and Herman’s Hermits.

He sold Americana and folk art. He also owned the Ash Creek Saloons in Fairfield and Norwalk, along with Darien’s Goose restaurant.

With such varied careers — and so much going on — he could be forgiven for losing the negatives of photos he took nearly 50 years ago.

Of course, they were not random snapshots of the Friedman family at the beach, or their naked newborn in a bathtub.

These were up close, personal — and superb — shots of some of the biggest names in the music world.

Mick Jagger (Photo copyright Michael Friedman)

The Stones. Janis Joplin. The Band. Johnny  Winter. Gordon Lightfoot. James Cotton. Ian and Sylvia. Rita Coolidge. All are artists Friedman worked with in the 1960s.

Last January, his wife Donna stumbled upon them. Friedman spent the next several months printing, restoring and mounting the photos.

Soon, they’ll head to the California Heritage Museum in Los Angeles.

Janis Joplin (Photo copyright Michael Friedman)

But right now, they’re part of a pop-up gallery in Bedford Square. Friedman’s taken over an appropriately scruffy, unfinished space opposite the Spotted Horse. Dozens of images are on display there — and for sale.

Michael Friedman in his pop-up gallery. His photo shows Levon Helm, legendary drummer for The Band.

There’s been no publicity. Yet plenty of folks discovered the intriguing gallery during last weekend’s Blues, Views & BBQ Festival. The word is getting out.

But remember: This is a pop-up place. Soon, the photos will be gone.

At least this time Friedman will know where they went.

10 responses to “Pop Go The Photos

  1. Jayne Gottschalk

    Maybe let’s walk here tomorrow and see these photos before they are gone.


  2. Wonderful photos that captured both on-stage performances and back-stage scenes of some memorable sixties concerts and iconic recording artists. Two thumbs up to Michael (and David Waldman too for having the pop-up gallery in his Church Lane space).

  3. So cool!
    When is it open?

    • We will be open today (Sat) 12-8pm and from 12-6pm tomorrow (Sunday)
      We will be open for the foreseeable future and will post more permanent hours asap.
      Hope to see you there.

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    This is so beyond cool. The class of ’61 which included my 1/2 sister produced some great musical talent. I was not aware of Michael.

  5. Hi Dan, Nice blog on Mike Friedman. You may not know that Mike and I played music together in The Schemers during our high school years. Mike is a terrific guy. Besides all his other talents he’s a good drummer! Barry Tashian


  6. My number one. The best at everything he does.

  7. What is the pop up called and how do we know when it’s open this next week?

  8. Hey Dan, thanks again for the great article!
    If anyone’s interested in seeing the exhibit the hours are now posted on our website: