Fill A Truck For Harvey

Adam Goldberg is a longtime Westporter. His company, Aquafence, provides state of-the-art removable flood barriers that work great in emergencies, but are kept out of sight the rest of the time.

His product was not available in Texas when Hurricane Harvey roared through. But that doesn’t mean he can’t help.

Goldberg is sending a 30-foot truck to Houston. He hopes it will be filled to the brim with supplies — donated by area residents.

He’s looking for:

  • Non-perishable food items
  • Snack bars, granola and fruit bars
  • Cleaning materials and detergents
  • Diapers and formula
  • Clean blankets and pillows
  • Soap, shampoo, deodorant and bug spray
  • School supplies
  • Toys
  • Pet food
  • Clean, sorted and folded clothes
  • Paper products.

Donations should be brought in boxes and bags, labeled with what’s inside. They can be brought to the Imperial Avenue parking lot this Saturday (September 9, 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.).

Please email Goldberg ( beforehand, with a list of goods being donated or any questions.

PS: Goldberg’s generosity extends far beyond collecting and delivering much-needed goods. After driving the truck to Houston, he’ll donate it to a relief organization there — for keeps.

He’ll fly home. And no doubt start organizing his next project.

Westporters are doing what they can to help Hurricane Harvey victims. Yesterday, Sammi and Spencer Henske went shopping for supplies.

15 responses to “Fill A Truck For Harvey

  1. Michele Coppotelli Solis

    As a Staplite and Westporter who lives in west Houston I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. People may not realize that it is now Sep 3 and the flooding continues to happen. While our home is ok, there are thousands of beautiful homes in our neighborhood underwater and will remain that way for 4 to 6 weeks per the Army Corp of Engineers.

    Yesterday, we finally reached a friend Rich by phone, he did not answer for the last 7 days. He is 65, his home and car were flooded and his cell phone. He was crying as we spoke saying Im too old to start over…he said he finally left his single story home when the water reached 5 feet…as he left he fould himself swimming down the street with all his neighbors, their kids on pool floats, it all happened so fast. They all went to a school that was turned into a rescue center. He said he stayed there 3 days, then a couple invited him to stay with them in their home for the week. He does not have flood insurance…he said I dont know what I am going to do tomorrow…

    People have been above and beyond giving to the victums of this hurricane…our weatherman said Houston had 50″ of rain …(Sandy had 15″) he said that is equivalent of covering the entire US in 1/2″ of water. God bless you Westporters!

  2. Mary Cookman Schmerker '58

    I want to join Michele in her thanks. I am a Staplite, ’58 and a resident of Fort Bend County, Texas. The county was impacted but we were not. The need is great. We are praying that the next storm abates and does not impact the East Coast. Thank you Adam. I would just add one thing, winter clothes are not needed and won’t be for a long time. So, if you donate clothes, think summer, simple, and washable. We all thank our former home town for their outpouring of caring. It turns out there are more of us here than I ever imagined.

  3. Dan, from what I’m hearing, people there are saying that if we want to donate, we should donate money because the volunteers are overwhelmed with goods.. especially toys and clothes. Deirdre Doran

  4. For reference, We are directly in touch with the Office of Emergency Management of Harris County TX regarding items needed and points of distribution. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at

    Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support

  5. Cathleen O'Brien

    Thanks Adam, I posted above about the cash demand but would personally prefer to help fill your truck! What is most in demand?

    • Thanks Cathleen. Yes cash donations are great, but when sent through large charities, often those donations can wind up going to employees and overhead rather than to those in need. We would be happy to deliver gift cards directly to those in need if that’s your preference. Other items I am told recently that are really needed are cleaning supplies, large trash bags NEW underwear (men,women,child) as well as clean and folded plus size women’s clothing. Thank you so much for your donations!!!

  6. Laura Lawhon-Butler

    I Have commented a few times on this post..once about my Grandparents Michael and Angelina Borchetta, and once about the history of the Penguin as it related to my aunt and uncle and my childhood…. today as a transplanted Houstonion I want to say thank you for responding to our crisis.. We just moved into our home two months ago and purchased it because it never flooded more than a couple of inches.. Harvey brought over 7 feet of wet “muck” Into our home and into most of our neighbors.. a heartbreaking scene to see possessions of a lifetime lining the streets waiting for the heavy equipment to take it all away. We expected a few inches not the sudden deluge..we got out with our two fur babies in a hurry ; it went from ankle deep to chest high in 20 minutes!..whew!!.BUT what amazes me is the volunteer spirit not only of Texans but America as a whole..Hour after hour cars stop , roll down their windows, “do you need water? A sandwich, a pizza, some fruit, some dog food? Volunteers helped get the ruined furniture,carpet, and even the wet drywall to the curb.. A distribution center was set up for supplies and the eighteen wheelers coming In from across America made me cry! Even new toys for the little children who lost everything too… in my the midst of our own devastation a little red throat hummingbird was in dire straits on our weak we just picked it up..having nothing at all left in the house I was able to salvage an unopened Non alc Margarita Mix and I put some in.the cap of my water bottle worked..😀 Harvey killed their food supply too.. well this is just a thank you…I am 67 years ” young, ” and fortunately I still work and we will get through this with a great appreciation for all that America is doing for us…🇺🇸💕🇺🇸

  7. Thank you Mr Goldberg for doing this..Dan, these are the stories for our community instead of promoting negativity with the ” parking spots takers “…

    • Thanks, Karen. There are plenty of great stories in Westport — and plenty of negative ones. I’m committed to telling them all. This town has a lot going for it, but we can’t always simply pat ourselves on the back. I don’t “promote negativity” — I call it out when I see it.

  8. I contacted my friend in Houston – she’s fine and had been volunteering at a shelter. Her thoughts on unmediated needs are as follows:
    Here are some specific and overlooked needs that have been posted by various charities:

    mops and brooms, buckets, garbage bags
    large and extra large size clothing, especially blue jeans
    Wal-Mart gift cards
    Gasoline gift cards
    baby dolls, especially African American
    Hand sanitizer
    Feminine hygiene products (tampons, mini and maxi pads, razors)
    bras, underwear and socks in all sizes
    Canned ready-to-eat fruits and tuna/chili/stew/chicken with pull tops
    Toddler food in pouches (many families don’t have bowls or eating utensils)
    bottled water
    cat litter and litter boxes
    Adult diapers and pull-ups
    kids’ backpacks

    Hope this helps! Tell everyone thank you from a city that really needs everyone’s help***

  9. 1) Dan dont stop the bad parking pics, they are enlighteningly funny!!!, its the beat part of this blog that its all here, the good and the bad byt mostly its all good

    2) adam goldberg is the man, the great thing is we have so many that will participate and one truck may not be enough! We may want to all chip in money to buy non perishable food, kids formula and whatever new things are needed, im sure there is plenty