Like A Good Neighbor, Westport Wash & Wax Is There

It’s a Westport tradition: getting your car clean at Westport Wash & Wax.

Everyone does it. And while they wait, everyone reads the many notes of thanks tacked to the bulletin board. Every organization in town, it seems, benefits from owner Scott and Laila Tiefenthaler’s generosity.

One of the most grateful recipients is Homes With Hope. Over the past 16 years, the local housing service has received more than $80,000 from the car wash.

Tomorrow (Friday, September 1), Westport Wash & Wax holds its 17th annual Good Neighbor Day. Once again, 100% of the proceeds — all day — go to Homes With Hope.

“For nothing more than the cost of a car wash, you can help end homelessness,” says CEO Jeff Wieser.

Thanks, Westport Wash & Wax, for your continued generosity, and commitment to our town!

Westport Wash & Wax is very generous — and very, very good!

3 responses to “Like A Good Neighbor, Westport Wash & Wax Is There

  1. Thanks Dan and thanks Tiefenthalers who get as excited about this day as do all of us at Homes with Hope! Come tomorrow to get your car washed for Labor Day in a great local Westport tradition !

  2. Laila and Scott are terrific and really do so much to help not only Westport but other communities as well. They are class acts and Homes for Hope is a tremendous organization as well doing so much for those in need!

  3. Kudos Laila and Scott for your generosity and community spirit!