When Westport Ruled The Solar Eclipse World

As America goes gaga over the upcoming solar eclipse — it’s August 21, if you’ve lived under a rock — here’s a reminder that “06880” is not only where “Westport meets the world.”

It’s also where Westport meets the universe.

An exceptionally alert reader spotted this item for sale on eBay:

Yes, once upon a time the “Solar-Scope Solar Eclipse Eye Protector” (and souvenir guide) was manufactured right here in Westport.

You must remember that famous company, Solar-Scope, right?

The reverse side described what would happen on August 31, 1932:

So if you want your very own Westport-produced Solar Eclipse Eye Protector — from 1932, but presumably still useful in 2017 — click here.

But hurry! Bids end Friday morning.


One response to “When Westport Ruled The Solar Eclipse World

  1. Nancy Hunter

    So cool! In 1979 a bunch of us drove hours from Vancouver to farmland in Walla Walla WA. when the eclipse began… the birds stopped singing, the cows stopped still in their tracks, and I believe a rooster started crowing at the end! Enjoy!