Business For Sale Or Lease. Cleanup Required.

Dozens of vacant stores line the Post Road.

But it’s doubtful any are as messy and cluttered as the one formerly occupied by SoNo Baking Company and A&J’s Farm market, near Goodwill.

Furnishings, freezers and other debris have sat in the parking lot for months.

Half-sawed logs, too.

It’s a great location, with plenty of traffic.

And the photos above are what every driver sees, every day.

13 responses to “Business For Sale Or Lease. Cleanup Required.

  1. Tesla’s new home.

  2. Surprising that this mess was allowed to stay like this for so long!

  3. Dan, who’s the landlord?

  4. There’s a long story behind this property.

    • Tony gave you the answer to this… it’s a long family story… don’t judge… I understand the dislike

  5. But where are we going to get our fresh-picked sweet corn and tomatoes. We already miss the proprietor and his lovely daughters.

  6. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Nice to see that the old Quonset hut is still there. It gives Westport a little bit of the common touch it used to have as well as being a piece of WWII memorabilia.

    • That’s the old skating rink, which was (briefly) repurposed as the Nines Club, Lester Lanin’s discotheque. The Youngbloods, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, and ? and the Mysterians played there.

  7. Danica Razdrih

    There IS a LONGGGG story behind this and actually, the property has been seized by the CT State Marshall, so I don’t see how it is even possible. This property is in probate and a Probate Judge selected a specific Attorney, who is the only one who can sell this property, with the full permission of everyone involved. To add to this, when SoNo Bakery was there, they had to leave not once, but twice as they were there illegally!

  8. Edward Saenz

    First Selectman, P&Z should force a clean up of the unused properties or would be fined

  9. Speaking of Quonset huts, the one on the north side of the Post Road, near N. MAple, formerly occupied by that spectacular estate liquidator business, is not doing a lot to beautify the area. What’s up with that one?