Book It! Main Street Art Show A Smash

With spectacular weather — and a wise move from Parker Harding Plaza, back to its original Main Street roots — this weekend’s 44th annual Fine Arts Festival drew twice last year’s numbers.

An eclectic mix of 148 artists, sculptors, photographers and jewelry makers — and the addition of new dining options — drew raves from longtime festival-goers and newcomers alike. The event is sponsored by the Westport Downtown Merchants Association.

Every artist has a specialty.

Elm Street was also filled with artists. These two had natural shade.

Gloria McRoberts specializes in sculptural weaving.

The alley next to the old Westport Pizzeria was transformed into al fresco dining.

Sculptures filled the street in front of Banana Republic.

A few steps from the art show, the Westport Library sponsored its annual ginormous Book Sale. 

In a world filled with Kindles and iPhones, it’s nice to know thousands of people still love to read books. 

And listen to CDs and vinyl, which were also on sale.

Like those tens of thousands of books — all could be had for a song.

The Westport Library book sale covers every category imaginable. Inside, there was even a sign marked “Beatles.” (It was for books, not music.)

The many long tables were perfect for browsing.

The hardest part of the Westport Library is choosing.

The art show and book sale were only 2 of many events in Westport this weekend.

And there’s much more to come. Happy summer!

11 responses to “Book It! Main Street Art Show A Smash

  1. Kevin O'Halloran

    Closing Main St to traffic every Sunday during the summer with a few food and drink spots is something that should happen. Today was great.

  2. Nancy Hunter

    Wish I was there — I’d buy Gloria McRoberts’ weaving (if for sale) in a heartbeat!

  3. Lori Goertz

    The Book Sale ends on Tuesday – still time to shop! 1/2 price tomorrow, “Contribution Day” on Tuesday morning. Fill your own bags for a suggested donation of $5 per bag. Fantastic! Thanks to all of the organizers. Wonderful every year. Happy 25th Anniversary!

  4. We couldn’t figure out why the town hall parking lot was full of large vans and RV’s. Hard to find a place to park for the movie “the High School that Rocked” and borrowed some space from nearby attorney’s office. Of course, the art vendors!

  5. Great idea moving it back to Main Street. Great art and good local vendors for some eats!

  6. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    It was a great weekend to be in Westport. We didn’t get to the book sale but were able to see the Art Show. So many talented people. And of course lots of fun Staples Reunion activities.

  7. Sharon Paulsen

    I really liked that “NY subway” inspired art from the first pic. Who’s that artist?

    Thanks for this post, Dan!

    I’d love to see even more pics of the various vendor displays! Got more??

    (Good idea to turn that skinny alley way (next to old Westport Pizza location) into bistro style al fresco seating/dining. One could feel like they were in Paris … for a little while!)