Connector Accident Sends 6 To Hospital

Traffic slowed to a crawl on the Sherwood Island Connector today, after a 3-vehicle accident sent 6 people to the hospital.

The crash — opposite the transfer station — involved a car, a pickup truck and a landscaping truck and trailer.

One of the drivers had to be extricated. Her condition was reported to be serious.

The aftermath of today’s 3-vehicle accident on the Sherwood Island Connector. (Photo/Ryan Gleicher)

Firefighters at work on one of the vehicles in today’s crash. (Photo/Westport Fire Department)

6 responses to “Connector Accident Sends 6 To Hospital

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    What is this fixation you have with motor vehicle mishaps/misdeeds Dan?

  2. If by “fixation” you mean informing the town about what’s going on, I plead guilty.

  3. Dave Feliciano

    Keep up the good work Dan, since school is out therelot of inexperienced drivers are zooming around town, with little regard for weather conditions. The coefficient of friction is lowered on wet roads, so consequently the distance to stop a speeding car is substantially increased. Add to that the dynamics of talking or texting and the stopping distance is halfway through the car that has stopped in front of you.

  4. Vanessa Bradford

    Thank you Dan. We were on the connector right after it happened. Sure you saved a lot of time, stress and aggravation for many !

  5. Bob Stalling

    I just talked to the driver of the Landscape truck, he and the men in his truck went to hospital but are all ok…just banged up.
    Don’t know condition of the woman in white car or man in white pick up….

  6. Nancy Austin

    That is a very dangerous spot, trying to get in and out of the transfer station with cars in 4 lanes, coming in both directions. If that was the cause, then someone in town should talk to the state about putting a light there or somehow fixing the problem. Maybe a police man stationed there Saturday mornings! If not, just be careful there and make sure you’re driving a car with Turbo boost to get out of the transfer station driveway onto the connector quickly!