Pic Of The Day #70

Duck Swan on the Saugatuck (Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

18 responses to “Pic Of The Day #70

  1. Carol Herbs


  2. Holly Wheeler

    Or swan.

  3. Looks like a Trumpeter swan to me, rather than a duck.

  4. John Terpening

    If that’s a duck, I’m an octopus!

  5. Mark J. Marcus

    It’s a swan.

  6. Nancy Hunter


  7. I just wanted to see if you guys were paying attention.

  8. Seth Goltzer

    Very nice picture, but that Duck is a Swan!
    All Ducks are very offended.

  9. Pamela Pollak

    IMHO,that’s a swan.

  10. Tis a swan………

  11. Julia and Scott Broder


    Wonderful mornings, great ensuring eye, beautiful describe you and your photos❗️
    Thank you 😊

  12. Scott Brodie

    Orlando Gibbons had it right:

    The silver swan, who, living, had no note,
    When death approached, unlocked her silent throat.
    Leaning her breast against the reedy shore,
    Thus sang her first, and last, and sang no more:
    Farewell all joys,
    Oh Death come close mine eyes.
    More geese than swans now live,
    More fools than wise.

  13. Pretty bird. Ugly building.