Best Worst Parking Job. Ever

I have no idea what went on here, earlier this afternoon:

But it goes without saying:

It happened in the Compo Shopping Center parking lot.

32 responses to “Best Worst Parking Job. Ever

  1. Jennifer Pickering

    good effort

  2. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    I would say it is best not to know what went on here.

  3. Matt Murray

    If I’d wager on it, the parking brake wasn’t set and it rolled backwards. The rear wheels cleared the curb and slowed it down, the front wheels stopped it. Lucky for the owner.

  4. I, like everyone else, immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. That is, “entitled Westport driver/parker tried a short cut to the parking lot…and got beached.”
    However, by chance I entered a store in the strip and overheard the driver telling her story. It seems she parked her car, nose first to the stores, and somehow it rolled backwards until it met its final resting place as seen in the photo. She seemed to have no idea how it happened, as she didn’t see it transpire. My guess is that maybe a firm pull on the handbrake when it was parked might have done the trick quite efficiently. It was fortunate there was no car blocking its reverse route to the sidewalk, or it could have been costly, instead of just inconvenient πŸ™‚

  5. Add that pix to those I sent you to a few days ago! Ha Ha

  6. Nancy Hunter

    “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road, and I’ll be in Scotland afore ye…” just a typical argument of sorts.

  7. Martha Spiegel

    I’m starting to think this may make a good coffee table book!

  8. Love it!!!

  9. Marcy Sansolo

    this is the best thing i’ve seen all day. #MaybeAllWeek

  10. I knew when I saw it exactly where it was and what happened. In about 1955, my mother parked her Morris Minor in nearly the same spot (in front of Grand Union at the time ?), and went in for a few quick items leaving my sister and me in the car. Bored to tears waiting, I began fooling with various features, and how was I at age 5 supposed to know what a center pull brake handle did? The car began rolling backwards, my sister panicked, and suddenly a passerby actually stopped the car by applying a shoulder, another reached i and reengaged the brake and all was well. Over as fast as it began. Bet these aren’t the only two such incidents at that spot.

  11. Mary Maynard

    Im ev

  12. Robert Mitchell

    If Westport charged for parking, this car would have gotten a 60% discount.

  13. Sharon Paulsen

    That looks like an expensive little car (cute as hell).

    Boy, was she lucky!

  14. Wendy Cusick

    It’s a Porsche. Yes, expensive little car Sharon

  15. Mary Maynard

    I was beginning to think that people were trying to be featured on 06880

  16. Dana Kuyper

    This car must have standard (as opposed to automatic) transmission, right? My dad taught me to leave it in gear when parking. And use the hand brake. Wouldn’t that have prevented this?

  17. Richard Fogel

    buy american

    • Like a Dodge Challenger? Oh wait, built in Canada. Charger or 300? oops Canada also. Ford Edge? Canada, too. Other Canada builds: Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain. How about a Ford Fusion. South of the border to Mexico.

    • Dale Nordling

      I’m not sure buying American would help with parking issues, but how about a Tesla, made in Fremont, California? πŸ™‚

      • Matt Murray

        Yes, at the NUMMI plant*, which was originally built as a joint venture of GM and Toyota. They produced hundreds of thousands of cars here in America (Chevy GEO Prism, Corolla, FX/FX-16/FX-16 GTS, Chevy Nova).
        *New United Motor Manufacturing Inc.

    • Nancy Hunter

      Buy German engineered.

      • Matt Murray

        Yup, good idea. Many BMWs are built in South Carolina.
        Mercedes has a large investment in Alabama:

        • Nancy Hunter

          I’m thinking more of the increasingly popular Mini Coopers — excellent German engineering, built in the U.K. (I’m also thinking the person involved in this post should have chosen any size of a Mini over a Porsche, for many reasons). How about an Audi?

          • Sharon Paulsen

            I had a Mini Cooper … it was an awesome ride!

            Now I have a Subaru Forester (boring, but the most reliable vehicle I’ve ever owned).

            Would love a Tesla someday (per Dan’s comment upthread).

            • Nancy Hunter

              Any vehicle that won’t run when the driver is distracted by a cellphone. Twice today distracted SUV moms nearly ran me over on the sidewalk… Funny, always the ones late for school.

              • Sharon Paulsen

                I hear ya. It’s likely something to be implemented in the future … but, who knows for sure. Because … freedom? Regulations? Blah blah?

                Tell ya one thing though … when you’re driving a mini (stick), distraction is not an option … unless you want to go head-long into a tree, lol! Those little buggers went where they wanted to go, if the driver wasn’t in control.

                I learned and grew up on stick shift driving, but was still somewhat caught off guard (initially) by the sensitivity level required for handling the mini (on winding and hilly roads).

                It’s a driver’s car. Not a Porsche, to be sure. But, it was it’s own little “animal”.

  18. Victoria Capozzi

    ahahhahaaa – that actually made me giggle out loud